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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 04:22 AM UTC

Agreed - No Mining In The Ngäbe Bugle Region

Gold & Mining The cancellation of all existing concessions granted to domestic or foreign companies for the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources within the Ngäbe Bugle region, and the repeal of Law 41 of 1975, which created the Mining Development Corporation (Codemin) for the exploitation of a copper mine at Cerro Colorado, were the first points of consensus agreed to last night by the special subcommittee formed by indigenous leaders, government officials and members of the Trade Commission of the National Assembly on the second day of formal discussions. The session of this subcommittee began yesterday at 11:20 am, at it took three hours for the participants to reach a consensus on the mechanism that will be used to discuss Article 5, which was excluded from Bill 415, due to constant requests for breaks. Meanwhile, on the grounds of Legislative Palace a large group of Indians awaited the results of the meeting and conducted a vigil in support of their leaders. At about 7:00 pm last night the subcommittee agreed to declare a recess until today at 9:00 am. They pledged to start with the presentation of technical teams that will discuss hydropower, one of the contentious issues. (Prensa)
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