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Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 04:14 AM EDT

Still Searching For The Stolen Cannons

History & ReferenceThe people in Colon are still surprised over the theft of the cannons from Fort San Lorenzo, in the area of Cristobal, province of Colon. And the critics of this historic heist have not been long in coming. One who made ​​a very interesting question was the mayor the city of Colon, Damaso Garcia, who asked "how did they manage to pass through the checkpoints in the area"? The Mayor was referring to the checkpoints manned by the National Air Service and another, where there are officials of the National Environmental Authority. The truth is that the operations to find the stolen cannons are now centered on the businesses engaged in recycling metals. However, so far the efforts have been unsuccessful. For school history teacher Jose Fernandez the theft of these cannons regrettable, and he called on the tourism authorities to be more aware of these historical sites. It was learned that the board of Fort San Lorenzo and Portobelo filed a complaint with the Judicial Investigation Department for the crime of theft in this case. (Mi Diario)

Editor's Comment: As you can see in this image, the cannons at Fort San Lorenzo are not taken care of very well. There are literally antique cannons laying on the ground. Panama has not done as much as they could to preserve and protect these historical monuments.

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