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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 09:04 PM UTC

Water Trucks For "Culecos" Must Have Ministry of Health Permits

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingAlgis Torres, the regional director of Health for the district of San Miguelito reiterated today (15 February) that all water tanks being used for the "culecos" (spraying water in the streets) during the four days of carnival must have been issued the proper permission from the Ministry of Health (MOH). Otherwise, the institution will fine the owners of vehicles that do not have permission. He added that each water tanker truck will be clearly identified with a sticker provided by the MOH, which will allow anyone who is participating in the "culecos" to easily see that the water being blasted at them has been through all of the health checks, to avoid health problems. Torres said health inspectors will be deployed to the areas where the carnival celebrations will be held, and they will also have operations to check on food vendors. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Here comes carnival 2012. Officially it's four days of partying - Saturday 18 February through Tuesday 21 February 2012. In reality many people take off the last couple of days this week in an attempt to get an early jump on the partying. Panama City will empty out with most people either going to the interior to spend their carnival time there, or leaving the country all together and going someplace else on vacation. It will be getting harder and harder to find fights to leave Panama this week, and harder to get a flight back in after next Tuesday when everyone else is coming back after carnival is over.

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Water Trucks For "Culecos" Must Have Ministry of Health Permits | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Water Trucks For \"Culecos\" Must Have Ministry of Health Permits
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, February 15 2012 @ 05:41 PM UTC

Other top carnival tips:

1. Try not to swallow or drink any of the water coming out of the Culecos, god knows what was in that tanker before Carnival!

2. If you get a waterproof pouch to put your money/cell phone/id whatever in and its around your neck, wear it inside your T-shirt. Last year people were going around cutting the string and taking them, makes it a lot harder if its underneath your t-shirt. If you have to take a cellphone, get a cheap $10 phone, dont take your Blackberry!

3. Its really not a race, its an all day and all night thing. Take breaks, eat something have some gatorade in the middle or you will spend all day in bed drunk or hungover and miss the fun.

4. There normally are not any problems but if you see a fight or something getting nuts, just walk away or prepared to get thrown into the middle of drunk mob mentality.

5. If you are staying sober and intend to drive around, be careful, although getting better, there will still be a lot of drunks driving.

6. If you are outside of the city and plan to head back on Wednesday, do it early and you will fly home. If you leave about 6:30AM from las tablas, you will be back before 11AM. If you leave at 11AM you wont be back till 7 or 8 at night!

7. Beaches. Although the carnival controlled areas don´t allow any glass bottles, this is often not the case or not respected at beaches, be aware of any broken glass!

8. Have fun!!