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Monday, May 27 2019 @ 11:01 AM UTC

Protesting Indians Block Road - 60 School Teachers Can't Get To Work

Schools & EducationProtesting indigenous Indians closed the road this morning to Llano Ñopo, preventing the public school teachers who were trying to reach about 30 schools in the area from getting to their places of work. They are more than six townships in the area of the region which at present cannot be accessed due to the closure of the road by the Indians. According Toribio Garcia, an indigenous leader, they will keep the road to Llano Ñopo closed until the National Government passes the special Law for the region. They want a stop to all mining and hydroelectric projects. Due to this protest about 60 public school teachers have been unable to reach their schools on Monday, the first day of classes throughout the country. The Indians also pointed out that most schools in the district are makeshift huts for parents, and that is where the children receive their lessons. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Can someone explain to me how keeping a public school teacher from reaching a school puts additional pressure on the National Government. I think the government should say "screw that" and bring the teachers back to Panama City. It's simply not safe to have them in this area of conflict until the issues are resolved. And who suffers for the acts of the Indians? Their own children. Dumb. Just plain stupid. Oh, wait a minute...

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