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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 11:51 AM UTC

ANAM Is Following Up and Monitoring Hydroelectric Concessions

Environmental IssuesGerardo Gonzalez, the Director of Watersheds of the National Environmental Authority, said today while speaking on the channel 2 TVN morning news broadcast, that we are fortunate in Panama because we have water, but we must monitor are follow-up in the concessions that have been granted, and it's everyone's responsibility. Given the conflict over hydroelectric projects on the Tabasará river, which has been rejected by the indigenous Ngäbe Bugle people, Gonzalez said the ANAM did a management plan for the basin, but there is much to do. Gonzalez said the basin is not only the river, but rather the territory where the streams converge, and sometimes, when concessions are granted for hydroelectric projects, the basins are given up for other uses, such as for agriculture. However, he said hydroelectric projects do not draw any water from the rivers. "These are things that we monitor and and we follow-up with them," said the official of the ANAM, while saying that the preservation of our watersheds is everyone's problem. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: This weekend factors surrounding the development of hydroelectric projects in Panama were the topics being discussed on the Sunday morning debate programs yesterday. The environmentalists have so twisted the public discussions that the television programs called in outside independent experts (not from the government) to clarify some of the most basic of elements. For example - if you build a dam on a river the water simply passes through the dam and as it flows that movement of water is used to generate electricity, however the dam does not "use" or otherwise do away with or reduce the flow of the river downstream. Silly (ignorant) people are apparently thinking that if you build a dam on a river, the river goes away or something similar. This kind of thinking happens because the environmentalists who are all against hydroelectric projects in any way, shape, or form try to distort or misrepresent the truth and facts, to better fit their anti-development agendas. On all of the programs the mild mannered adults simply explained the truth and facts, while stripping away much of the smoke being blown by the environmentalists, who voiced their opposition at every possible moment. The environmentalists repeatedly said things like "this is a global issue" - they are the ones who are prompting the indigenous Ngabe-Bugle Indians to fight against the development of these hydroelectric projects in Panama. The environmentalists are funded by money from outside of the country, and they are trying to throw a monkey wrench in the spokes of Panama's future and development. I hope they are not allowed to get away with it.

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