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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 02:45 pm EDT

FRAV - Venezuelan Communist Group - Making Inroads in Panama

Panama News A new "irregular" organization was detected in Panama by the security sectors of Colombia. The group uses a South American country as their base of operation, and they have made contacts throughout Central America to seek financial support and sympathizers. An Intelligence report - to which the "Critica" had access - says the group known as the FRAV could have been operating for at least eight months in several Latin American countries including Panama, with the aim of seeking new members. The intelligence report provided by the Colombian authorities revealed this organization has three visible figures who have held meetings in Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The meetings have been held at exclusive restaurants and shopping malls in Panama City, posing as tourists and businessmen. The reportedly have had encounters with Palestinians, Iranians, Panamanians, Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans.

In order to move about they rent cars in the name of an NGO with links to Venezuela and Ecuador. When these people arrive in Panama they stay in hotels located in the districts of San Francisco and Bella Vista. After their meetings they make phone calls from pay phones located near their hotels to telephone numbers in Costa Rica and Mexico.

Some of these people have been in contact with Panamanian political and social leaders, especially in the province of Darien. In those communities in the Darien, La Palma and Metetí specifically, they contact the people to give them help or guidance in family issues and small business investment. Moreover, they use evangelical churches to enlist supporters. They have used the same methodology in San Miguelito, Arraiján and Chepo (especially in the villages near Lake Bayano), reveals the report.

They suspect these meetings aim to establish pilot groups that will be used as multipliers to recruit people with low incomes and low education, as well as academics with socialist leanings. One of the most visible figures is a South American businessman dedicated to the exportation of coffee and the sales of used cars. He has connections with other businessmen who do frequent transactions in the Colon Free Trade Zone and in Paso Canoas on the border with Costa Rica. On Costa Rican soil they already have a tiny group of collaborators.

The members of the FARV - according to the report - are trained in the use of low and high powered firearms, self defense, and they go through a training program that calls for the strengthening of ideological thinking. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: The FARV is the "Frente Revolucionario de Artesanas y Artesanos de Venezuela" (Revolutionary Front of Artisans and Craftsmen of Venezuela). No doubt this is yet another attempt by Hugo Chavez to export his extreme left wing socialistic thinking to the other countries of Latin America. And it's sort of Cold War Old School thinking to see the words "Revolutionary Front" mixed with "Artisans and Craftsmen." One normally would not think of a little old Embera woman sewing molas as a communist threat - and I guess that's exactly why the FARV is supposedly targeting those kinds of people. For these whack jobs Hugo Chavez's left wing socialistic crap is like a religion, so these guys are the ones who will be knocking on the door of your grass shack somewhere, and rather than wanting to talk about Jesus they will want to talk about how your rights as a poor person are being trampled by the rich businessmen in Panama City. Yeah, it's a threat to the government of Ricardo Martinelli, who really hasn't walked in anyone's shoes very much lately. And this "leaked" report is really nothing more than a "we've got our eyes on you" trial balloon, to let the Venezuelan recruiters who are operating here know that they are being watched and followed closely. Maybe it's time to dust off some of the old laws against "fomenting revolution" or what have you. I mean, these guys have "revolution" in their name, right? Politically speaking, there are 3.3 million people in Panama and most of them are poor. So it would seem Panama might be ripe for a young and charismatic communist figure to rise up and get himself elected. However in reality the rich white guys would literally kill him (whoever it might be) before he got anywhere. Not likely to happen any time soon. "Oh Gawd, It's a Tagua Carver - RUN!" Oh, and the cover of this information supposedly coming from a Colombian intelligence report is crap - unless Colombia intelligence operatives in Panama City have the technological capabilities to tap pubic pay phones next to hotels located in Panama City (they don't). The Colombian intelligence report is cover, most of the information actually comes from Panamanian domestic intelligence collection, and it's being "leaked" for a reason, whatever that might be.

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