National Assembly Passes Law 415 in Third And Final Debate

Thursday, March 22 2012 @ 07:35 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

The full National Assembly adopted unanimously this afternoon Bill 415 that creates a special regime in mining, water and environment for the Ngobe Bugle. Thus closes the issue of mining and the issue of hydropower, said Government Minister, Jorge Ricardo Fabrega. The balance was 3 deaths, injuries and allegations of violations of indigenous protesters, following clashes on Sunday February 5 when the riot control police reopened the Pan American Highway at various points where there were clashes with the Ngöbe.

The Coordinating Committee for the Protection of Natural Resources and the Rights of the Ngobe Bugle People, chaired by Rogelio Montezuma, expressed his pleasure from the full Legislature. Similarly, the General Cacica Ngobe Bugle, Silvia Carrera, apologized for the street closures and demonstrations. Carrera asked the Minister of Government to send a message to President Martinelli to "be more consultative and not impose the law."

Deputy Gabriel Mendez, Democratic Change, said they approved Bill 415, "making sure it did not suffer any changes during the process." (Estrella)

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