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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 02:36 PM EDT

Panamanian Fisherman Rescued 640 Miles Offshore - Adrift For 27 Days

Boats and SailingThe life of the Panamanian Adrian Alexis Vasquez, age 18, returned to a fixed direction. After being adrift for 27 days in international waters he was rescued on Thursday 22 March by a tuna ship of Ecuador, 640 nautical miles off the coast of Panama. The last time Nitza de la Cruz, Adrian's mother, knew anything about her son was when he went fishing on 24 February 2012 together with two companions aboard the boat Fifty Cent. He wanted to earn some money to buy some new Nike sneakers for Easter. The story changed at 4:00 pm on Thursday, when Yamaxín, Adrian's best friend, passed a call he had received from the ship Duarte V, located 640 nautical miles from Panama, after being rescued.

- Santi, son, is that you? - asked his excited mother. "Yes, mom, I'm fine," was the answer she got from across the phone, and upon remembering this moment she broke down in tears of joy combined with sadness. And no wonder. Elvis Oropesa, 30, and Fernando Osorio, 16, who went fishing with Santi, as Adrian in known to his friends in the area of Rio Hato, Anton district, were not in the boat when the latter was rescued.

POSSIBLE CAUSES OF THE SHIPWRECK - Nitza said that both Fernando and Santi would never have gotten into a boat alone and this time they did it together with Elvis, who occasionally performed this task. It appears they took the wrong route and instead of directing the boat to the shore they did the opposite and went to sea. Ocean currents did their work and carried them further offshore.

Augustine Charro, captain of the Duarte V, told Nitza that Adrian was unconscious, lying in the boat at the bow, and the engine had sunk. They took him aboard and gave him the necessary attention. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the other two. "We hope that when Santi returns to panama he can tell them what happened," said Charro.

For now, Adrian will continue on the Duarte V, because this boat can not divert their route until they finish their fishing time. If they pass another boar heading towards Quito they will transfer him to that boat, so that the arrival of Santi to Panama could take several days. (Siglo)

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