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Saturday, August 23 2014 @ 03:49 PM EDT

Drought Causing Decreased Milk Production in Los Santos

WeatherDiary farmers in the district of Macaracas are experiencing serious difficulties due to the drought that is hitting the region, which has caused a 25% decline in production. The most critical areas are the districts of El Cedro and Corozal, where 80% of surface water sources have dried up and the grass is low.

EXCEEDS THE PREVIOUS YEAR - Paul Elias Vega, a producer in the area of El Cedro, said during the previous season his 14 cows would produce about 80 liters of milk per day. But during this season, due to the strong heat, dry winds, and the scarcity of water and forage, these same cows are only producing about 20 liters a day. He said although the cows have been supplied with hay and bales of sugar cane, the decline in output this year has been higher than in previous seasons. According to Vega, the situation is similar in all ranches, which are facing increasing economic losses due to the drought. (Mi Diario)

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