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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 11:10 AM UTC

Arrests In Seizure Of $2.6 Million Dollars in Cash

Drug TraffickingPanama's First Anti Drug Prosecutor filed charges against the six people who are accused in the seizure of $2.6 million dollars in cash, and ordered the arrest of three people. The seizure of the large sum of money occurred during a raid on an apartment in the Terra Wind apartment building, located in the area of San Francisco, in Panama City. The prosecutor charged another person with money laundering after this seizure, which occurred last Friday in the early morning hours. All defendants in the money laundering investigation are Colombians. Those who were released pending trial must sign in at the prosecutor's office every 15 days, and they cannot leave the country without first getting the permission from the investigating authority.

Authorities confirmed that last Friday they seized a total of $2,669,387.50. In the operation, the DIJ and Drug Prosecutor, searched the apartment in response to information, finding the cash. The money was within two suitcases and a blue backpack containing two plastic supermarket bags. The seized money was mostly $100 denominations.

During the raid three Colombian women and a man were arrested, and two others who are minors. A BWM SUV was also seized. The accused were interrogated last Saturday in the Prosecutor's office. Organized groups have been detected who are using Panama for shipments of drugs and money, which they use to make payments for drug shipments. (Critica)

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