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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 01:51 AM UTC

Timber Industry On A "War Footing" In Eastern Panama Province

Environmental IssuesThose involved in the timber industry in the Eastern part of the province of Panama and the Darien are on a "war footing" in response to the order issued by the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) which has suspended permits for timber harvesting and transportation. Bernardo Ramos, the President of the Timber Association of Eastern Panama and the Darien, stated that all who are engaged in timber harvesting and transportation are meeting all of the requirements established by law, and it's not fair that they should bear the brunt of the recent conflict between the settlers and the indigenous Wounaan in Chiman, which basically is a problem over land. Ramos and a group timber men have closed the road near the ANAM substation in Cańita de Chepo, with the intention of forcing a command authority to explain the situation and the reasons for the order that was issued, because otherwise they will not reopen the road. (Critica)

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