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Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 04:33 AM EDT

Judge Orders Suspension Of Beach Eviction

Law & LawyersThe First Civil Judge of Cocle, Kitzel Vega, allowed the appeal filed by the attorneys representing the fishermen of Santa Clara, and ordered the Justice of the Peace of Rio Hato, Melquisedec Bernal, to suspend the decision ordering their eviction from one of the beaches.

The Governor of Cocle hosted a meeting, which began at 10:00 am, between lawyers and Gov. Nunez Fabrega, while outside of the house a judiciary official waited. At 12:40 pm when the Justice of the Peace Bernal left, he was informed of the decision, and subsequently he signed the notice, which required him to respond within the next to hours to the presented demand. Ramiro Arauz, the fishermen's lawyer, said he asked the authorities to rectify the administrative procedures that have led to the eviction.

The governor of Cocle, Fernando Nunez Fágrega, said it was a very revealing meeting where a number of anomalies were found in all of the processes of these evictions. "We have seen that some of the titles presented are not even remotely valid," said Nuñez Fabrega.

La Pacora Beach - On the subject of La Pacora, Nuñez Fabrega said this is a smear campaign of the lawyers, who accused former governors of having have a financial interest, and there is no evidence that Carlos Barnes, a businessman who bought the estate 5250, with the Pacific ocean as a boundary, will build a resort. When asked about the perception that there is a merciless attempt against the human rights of fishermen, Nuñez Fabrega said in a biting and threatening in tone, "I do not present myself as an implacable person, and I want to clarify that if you continue to voice these kinds of things, it's going to look like you have your own agenda."

The governor directed accusations and threats against the correspondent of the El Siglo newspaper, because of the questions about the issue of La Pacora, saying "you have a bias in favor of the fishermen and have become a mouthpiece for them, rather than an independent journalist. Be careful, because I have been told that they offered you to be the public relations representative for the fishermen, and next I will say it on camera." (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: That's hilarious. Snarl, growl, "I heard you are a biased journalist," snarl, growl. It's the job of a journalist to get both sides of the story. The fishermen are alleging that their rights are being squashed so the journalist asked him "what do you think about that?" So rather than addressing the question, he lowered his pike at the reporter. This, from the guy who was first hired to be the Anti Corruption Watchdog for the Martinelli administration. Then he was (fired?) and appointed as the Governor of Cocle.

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