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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 12:52 PM UTC

ANATI Is Processing Claim For Island

Real Estate There has been an application for a "special concession" in the National Authority of Land Management (Anati) since 13 July 2011 for a parcel of land measuring 141.5 hectares on the Canales de Tierra island, in the municipality of Bahia Honda, province of Veraguas. The request was made by the Italian-French businessman Jean Pigozzi, who since the late 1990's began to acquire large tracts of land in Panama, together with the American art dealer Daniel Wolf.

Pigozzi gained local prominence this week following a visit made by the president, Ricardo Martinelli, to Bahia Honda and El Pixvae, two coastal communities south of Veraguas where he has land disputes with the locals. As reported by some members of both communities, the surprise presidential visit included the threat of sending to jail those who do not cede their possessory rights Pigozzi.

Pigozzi's request has not had drawbacks in the Anati. On 4 April, the Director of Certification and Regularization, Carlos Dutari, set an edict so that anyone who thinks they have a better claim to the land can file an opposition within the next two months. In addition, the edict was taken yesterday to the office of the Justice of the Peace in Bahia Honda by ANATI officials, which also must be placed in view of the community.

Pigozzi sustained the application on Article 26 of Law 2 of 2006 which regulates concessions for tourism investment and the sale of island territory for tourist use purposes, and allows the concession for 90 years of island property, in case it can be proven the possession was for a period not less than two years. Pigozzi will not have trouble meeting this requirement of Panamanian law. Since 2003 he built a marine laboratory research on the island, and then a unique ensemble that includes a house on top of the island. And now, the Canales de Tierra island is now called Simca island, referring to the Pigozzi family car company. (Prensa)

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