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Monday, June 17 2019 @ 03:00 AM UTC

Fish Farming of Tilapia Helping Poor Neighborhoods in Panama

Fish Farming Tilapia in Panama
Fish Farming Tilapia in Panama
In the community of Tres Hermanas, in the district of Capira, the harvest and eat tilapia, thanks to a program of the Multiple Services Cooperative of New Hope. They are receiving technical assistance from the Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama (ARAP). Hector Chiru, a resident of Las Tres Marias, points out that the project began in July last year, in which participating members of the cooperative are breeding fish. "The business is profitable, tilapia is sold for a dollar a pound," Chiru. Bernardo Jaramillo, director of the ARAP, said this project benefits to poor communities. "The program is an effective method of food security," said Jaramillo. The project has been in monitoring for eight months, and they expect to harvest about 10,000 pounds of tilapia. Eulalia Troy lives in the place and says for the first time she will be able to consume fish. Maria Gonzalez says through this project the communities of San Cristóbal, Los Uveros, La Mina, Paraíso, Pueblo Nuevo and Tres Hermanas will benefit. (Siglo)
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