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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 04:15 AM UTC

Judge Tosses Appeals Filed By Fishermen, Upholds Evictions From Beaches

Real EstateThe governor of Cocle, Fernando Nuñez Fabrega, confirmed that the First Alternate Judge in charge, Kitzel Vega, denied the three guarantee protections that had been filed against the eviction orders from the La Pacora beach, and from the beach in Santa Clara. Last week the judge admitted the appeals filed on behalf of fishermen against eviction orders issued by the Justice of the Peace in Rio Hato. The eviction orders were issued against the fishermen because, according to the Governor, there are families living on privately owned property, and these are people who have been living there for many years. The fishermen protested and even made ​​street closures for this topic. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: Panama needs to scrap this whole "rights of possession" thing and start over. There is little or no judicial security when it comes to property ownership. The farther away you are from Panama City, the worse it gets. At one point in time there were titles issued for practically the entire country - some of them going back to when Panama was a part of Colombia. Then Omar Torrijos woke up one day and started handing land to poor farmers, under the idea that "if you live on it (possess it), then it's yours." That was the origin of the whole "rights of possession" debacle. And now, forty years later, people are coming back with those old titles, presenting them in court, and winning, such as in this case. So if I have a title from 1955 for 200 hectares of land, then all of those "rights of possession" claims are no longer valid? Did you buy ROP land? Do you own it? Really? Keep your money, and rent.

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