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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 11:19 PM UTC

SENAN Confiscated Gold Miner's Equipment

Gold & MiningMore than 50 amateur miners complained to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Colon about the confiscation of their equipment by agents of the National Air Service (Senan). These are workers who are engaged in gold mining in the area of ​​Donoso, who came to ask the regional manager to help them because the Senan removed all their rudimentary equipment in an operation. Senan was apparently performing an operation in search of drug traffickers, and in the process they seized the equipment. Vernon Bens, leader of these miners, said have been working in a natural manner without using chemicals in the area, and is not fair to take away their equipment. While Jesus Morales, of the Ministry of Commerce, said they have received the complaint and it has been elevated to the Department of Mineral Resources of the entity. (TVN)
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