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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 01:40 AM UTC

Instructions For Non Profit Organizations - How To Have Your Announcements Published on

Groups & Organizations By DON WINNER for - It has been my long standing policy to publish announcements for non-profit groups and organizations. As long as they are true non-profits and doing good things for the community then this is the way I can help all of them - but anyone who is running a business or making a profit has to pay to advertise. So if you're having a bake sale or an auction to raise money for a cause or whatever, then please, by all means, send me a write-up and I will publish and promote your event on this website - for free.

For example on 26 May 2012 the the American Society of Panama will be having their annual meeting to install their new board of directors. Recently the Bocas Educational Service Organization held their annual charity auction and raised $20,000 dollars to help the local schools in the area. So far this year I've published announcements for a new quilting group, community support projects being conducted by the US Embassy in Panama, the Navy League of Panama, an organization called Art in the Park, Jamuna Burry's Playa Community Mixer, a fund raiser at Finca La Maya, and others. So, I like to do these kinds of things, but you guys who run these events have to help me out.

Submission Standards: Please follow these submission standards to make it quick and easy for me to promote and publicize your upcoming event:

  • Text In The Body Of An Email: I need the words that describe what you are doing. Take the time to write it up, and send it to me as text in the body of an email. Let me say that again - slowly. Text only, in the body of an email. If I get the words like that, I can quickly and easily copy the text into an article, mark it up with html for the website, and off we go. It takes me seconds, and time matters when you're doing stuff for free.

  • No Formatting: When I say "text only" what I mean is - please do not include any formatting, bolds, bullets, italics, underlining, or any of that other stuff. In order to publish the article in html I just have to strip all of that stuff out anyway, so please don't put it there in the first place. Make it easy for me.

  • No .pdf files, Word .docs, or whatever: Please DO NOT send me a flier in the form of a .pdf file as an attachment to an email. In order to "extract" the pertinent information, I would have to stop what I'm doing, and take the time to write and create the article. Don't send me a Microsoft Word .doc file either. No. Negative. Don't do it. Just simple text, in the body of an email. Please. Otherwise, you won't see your event posted.

  • Photos As Attachments: Please send a couple of photos that you would like to see in the article as attachments to the same email carrying the text for your article. Once again, digging a photo out of a .pdf file or a Word .doc is just a pain in the butt that takes time. Also send the logo for your organization if you want.

  • Don't Forget Contact Information: Include the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of whoever is running the thing, so people can contact to buy tickets, attend, make donations, volunteer to help, or whatever.

  • Planning, Before, and After: If you do it right, you can get three articles about your event published on Panama-Guide. Let's say you have an event coming up in August 2012 and today it's mid-May. You can send me one now to announce what you will be doing in August, to recruit volunteers, solicit donations, or what have you. Then about a week before the event send me another one, as a reminder and to get people to attend. Then once your event is over, you can send me another article to let everyone know how it went, how much money you raised, how many dog's got snipped, or whatever. So, think three. Don't worry about sending too much or too often, and this "three per event" rule is a pretty good standard.

  • Don't Be Afraid To Pester: If you send me something for publication, and a day or two goes by and you don't see it on the website, don't be afraid to send me a gentle reminder. As it very often happens I can get completely wrapped up in something important and the smaller things can easily get by me. I will make every effort to handle them all, but you might have to help me out with a gentle slap to the back of the head, OK? It's all good, we're having fun, and it's a good cause, so don't worry about it. Fire away...

  • Special For Bocas: When the Yvonne Baldelli situation popped up many people in Bocas del Toro said "oh no, not again." They were just starting to heal from the whole Wild Bill situation. While I was there I invited everyone I could find to seek out opportunities to send me good news stories about Bocas del Toro. The real secret about Bocas is that the community of English speaking expatriates up there look out for and take care of one another. Occasionally situations emerge with local corruption, land swindles, and the completely unexpected like Wild Bill. However those types of negative problems tend to grab the headlines, and the "good news" rarely gets told. So, I invited all you Bocas dudes and dudettes to bury me in the good stuff. But you have to write it and let me know about it, because I'm down here, and you guys are up there.

And There You Have It: Pretty simple, really. Text of the article in the body of an email, with photos as attachments. Wait a day or two and you should see it. No .pdf's or Word .docs. I can slap these puppies out faster than ping pong balls from a Mexican hooker's ... no wait, I can't say that. It might be seen as insensitive... (har.) But then there's this video below. Free Advertising on - you get what you pay for.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Instructions For Non Profit Organizations - How To Have Your Announcements Published on
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, May 14 2012 @ 07:38 PM UTC

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Memories, priceless.
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