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Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 06:32 AM EDT

Aid Reaching Those Affected By Strong Winds in Santiago

WeatherThe families who were affected by strong winds in the city of Santiago, Veraguas province authorities request support. So far there has been a delay in the transfer of materials to fix the roofs that were blasted off of their homes in the area yesterday afternoon. However, mattresses and some furniture have already arrived to the communities most affected by the rains. One of the victims thanked the authorities for the aid that has been delivered, but said they hope to expedite the delivery of materials to fix the roof, fearing for more rain. It was also reported electricity service is being restored to these affected communities. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: This seems to happen quite often here in Panama. There will be a very strong rain storm, and as part of that storm "strong winds" will blow the roofs off of several houses, usually in a tight cluster. Rarely there's a report of a tornado or funnel cloud, and usually it's just reported as a blast of wind. They put the roofs back on, and that's that.

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