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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 03:33 AM EDT

That Idiot Francisco Armani Is Still Really Pissed (Now Making Death Threats)

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Francisco Armani - Serial Scam Artist
Francisco Armani - Serial Scam Artist
By DON WINNER for - Remember that idiot Francisco Armani? This was the guy who came through Portobelo shortly after the mudslides of early December 2010, when Grey Coy lost his entire family and ended up hospitalized in Colon with a broken pelvis. Panama-Guide readers donated money to help Greg out, and then just before Christmas this guy Francisco Armani showed up. Armani claimed to be a "brain surgeon" who was in Panama working with the Red Cross. In fact, Francisco Armani is not a doctor at all, but he actually went to the Social Security hospital in Colon and "pretended" to examine Greg Coy as a doctor. It was part of his ruse to convince everyone he was really a doctor. Armani promised he could make arrangements for a Red Cross medical evacuation flight to take Greg Coy back to Canada.

But What He Really Wanted Was - The Money: Francisco Armani then tried to steal the donated money by trying to find a way to weasel it out of Greg's children, who had come down to Panama to be with their father. In my book there is nothing lower than a cockroach like this guy - who would try to steal charitable donations from a man who is in the hospital recovering from a broken pelvis, after having lost four family members in a natural disaster. In short, this dude pissed me off. I've been on this guy's ass ever since. In the past 18 months or so I have learned much more about Francisco Armani's real game. He's gotten involved in several criminal enterprises in the past, and when it all gets busted, he turns over and acts as a witness against his former partners in crime, in order to save his own ass. As a result there are no wants or warrants pending against him for the major crimes in which he's participated, because he negotiated freedom for himself in return for information about his former business partners. And of course that means there are a whole lot of people looking for this guy, which is why he has to keep moving all the time. And of course that's why he really, really wants me to remove the articles I've written about him over the years from my website. Today, this idiot wrote me another threatening email, which I post for you below. (more)

This Is The Email I Received: It came from the an address associated with the name Marc Pujol [], and it came from Mexico City, Mexico. Here's the body;

  • "Whitout Prejudice

  • “Order to Cease and Desist”

  • To: Don Winner &

  • Don Winner,

  • On, or around December 21, 2010 you have started on your Panama Guide web-site a series of slanders published without lawful justification or excuse, terrible statements about myself that as destroyed my life, got me arrested 7 times and released soon after since all you said was/is false and lies.

  • I lost more then $250,000.00 USD in future commission and additional cost in excess of $50,000.00 USD cause of the above mention.

  • Whatever intention you may have been." indicated greater malice, defamatory matter published in permanent form or which is deemed to be permanent inasmuch as it is accompanied by greater coolness, malice, and propagated wider and farther than oral slander.

  • Each untrue statements, when they were made were detrimental to my reputation and business. Therefore, all statements about myself Francisco Armani in your web site postings are untrue, made maliciously to injure me in my trade, office, reputation, profession, and life threatening in many case.

  • As such, they were, are all defamatory per se. Under O.C.G.A. 51-5-11, this letter constitutes a order for immediate retraction in writing of these false and demands that your retraction and correction be accompanied by an editorial in which you specifically repudiated your libelous statements posted on your Panama site.

  • Your web postings also constitute tortuous interference with all my business, personal life. As such, they are actionable and expose you to the imposition of compensatory as well as punitive damages. Also became life threatening and libelous comments made by you on your web site; some of them also evidence your pattern interference.

  • Again, all your web posting were false and untrue. Also pretending that I was in the middle of a series of murders is just one of to many example you have posted on your Panama web-site as a series of slanders form which is deemed to be permanent . Many of these have been previously brought to your attention but you viciously decide to ignored my request to removed them all. Therefore, in most of your postings you exceeded the bounds of free speech.

  • Your failure to correct your erroneous and false statements and their repetition after notice of their falsehood constitutes further publication of libel. It also confirms your malicious intent and same in other case If you do not immediately removed all statement, stoled passport pictures you and others have publish on your Panama site about me, in the next 24 hours I WILL THEN DEDICATE MY LIFE TO TORTURE YOU MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY AS YOU DID WITH ME SINCE MORE THEN A YEAR.

  • Don winner, listen to me carefully, if you do not remove everything immediately I will hunt you for the rest of your life you and the other person friend of yours. You cause me hell on hearth every day since you started talking about me. But this time and after tomorrow if you do not remove all you will start by suffering physically, then mentally and soon after emotionally. I will destroy you as you intend to destroy me. Give your self a chance before some of my friend decide on their own to stop you for good. Don't listen to Friesner he is the worst pretending to be reborn as a PhD bought at a gift store.

  • Behave accordingly.

  • Francisco Armani

Well, Isn't That Special: This isn't the first time this particular dirt-bag has made threats via email. On 28 October 2011 he sent the following email from;

  • Winner,

  • I have requested several times for you to remove the slanderous and libel postings that you have created on your blog, in order to cause me both personal, & emotional harm, plus physical by deliberate actions to place me in danger while travel.

  • I am hereby directly advising you that if in fact you do not remove the items from your bullshit Panama Guide site and also from all postings on the Internet; that I will have no other options except to proceed with criminal and civil actions from the Jurisdiction of Canada which is my residency and exposure.

  • You will be then order to appear in person and if not judgment will be rended in my favor.

  • It will cost you just to travel your military saving, that you can trust me,

  • Then I will break you down.

  • Trust me, you have became my main preocupation, and sooner or later I will break you down to your knees and show you that you have played with the worst as you said of me. If you do not remove all immediately as you describe me I will hunt you until you ... exhausted physically and emotionally.

  • You believed your untouchable, there is many people right now that want you six feet under, for myself, I prefer to look at you suffer and yes, die from natural cause after. You are a major peace of dirt, asshole that do not deserved to live. I been thinking of you every day since I first read you, you definitely played with the wrong person as you pretend it was you, screw your bullshit, screw you.

  • Your about to pull money out of your pocket to defend yourself on real judicial procedure. We have track you down. Your modus operantis, your traffic www to pocket change making up false stories. You sign your future faith when you pretend that I was associated with murdering people, then you cross the line that will cost you all your savings.

  • I know people that knows you, that talk to you even recently, when I am going to hit you, you will not see it coming and you will crawl to your knees begging. Someone is very near you now, cause the next time the next line you put on your scam site you will swallow it down your throat.

  • Your time as come and will start today if you do not remove all about me now. I even saved money specially for you, and as you pretend that I am a criminal, I am, and the wrong one to play with, you probably didn't see my patch on my back that said, HA that's for ¨Hells Angel¨, we are many, to many to fuck with.

  • I have waited 10 months to wrote you, I was not ready before and wanted to be sure that this time when I would send you my request that I will act soon after. And yes of course you will get beat up but not by me or us, you cannot avoid that, but, what can I say your the one who asked for it concerning another person that you screw up to.

  • So, you better act soon and stop playing games cause six feet under your site will not received signal.

  • This time Winner I am not coming for more, I am just coming right into your face.

Tracking His Movements Regularly; Now, any time anyone does a Google search of "Francisco Armani" they come up with all of the articles I've published about him. And now of course this article and these death threats he's making against me will be added to the mix. Obviously I'm not intimidated by this scumbag. Life eventually catches up to the pieces of shit like this that go floating by occasionally. And now I regularly and routinely get email from people who have had "Armani sightings". They gleefully report his present location, movements, what hostel he's checked into, or what have you. And, there are also people who write to me, asking where he is. Anyway, whatever. One more chapter in this loser's book of life.

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So, Keep Sending Threats, Asshole: Every time you write a new threatening email, you give me a reason to dust all of this stuff off and bring it back to the surface. I have no idea why anyone would want to buy real estate in Mexico from Francisco Armani, the serial scam artist. Ain't SEO wunderful?

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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That Idiot Francisco Armani Is Still Really Pissed (Now Making Death Threats) | 6 comments | Create New Account
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That Idiot Francisco Armani Is Still Really Pissed (Now Making Death Threats)
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 15 2012 @ 02:45 PM EDT

Hey Don, how does it feel to get threats from some ass clown who is illiterate in 2 languages? I bet you are really shaking in your boots now... from laughing so hard! This odious piece of ofal couldn't find his ass with 2 hands and a set of braille instructions. Keep up the good work and please keep posting things like this, I need something humorous to lighten up my day.

That Idiot Francisco Armani Is Still Really Pissed (Now Making Death Threats)
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 15 2012 @ 03:19 PM EDT

Another cockroach that found its way to Panama, the only way to deal with them is to turn the spotlight on them and follow them wherever they go.
This guy is going to piss off the wrong Compadre!! Hopefully very soon.

That Idiot Francisco Armani Is Still Really Pissed (Now Making Death Threats)
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 15 2012 @ 05:14 PM EDT

Keep up the good work! Too bad he's not in jail with the rest of the scum.

That Idiot Francisco Armani Is Still Really Pissed (Now Making Death Threats)
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 15 2012 @ 07:27 PM EDT

Good on you Don! Public humiliation is the best way to deal with these wingnuts. Of course, forwarding his claim that he is part of the Hell's Angels to the actual Hell's Angels (, might be interesting... Last I heard they are very proactive in identifying and discouraging imposters.

That Idiot Francisco Armani Is Still Really Pissed (Now Making Death Threats)
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 16 2012 @ 10:14 AM EDT

Don, I strongly recommend you forward that second email of his, along with photo etc, to Hells Angels. He falsely claims membership and they are very particular about that sort of thing. Checkmate I reckon.
Get well soon

That Idiot Francisco Armani Is Still Really Pissed (Now Making Death Threats)
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, November 19 2012 @ 08:03 AM EST

This guy conned my friend in the United Kingdom, he is making out he can get people huge loans. Posed as a Dr Francis Armani Stay away from this guy.

Currently apparently he is in the Ukraine.