Stolen MEDUCA Computers Won't Work - And Security Devices

Thursday, May 17 2012 @ 06:01 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

Panama's Minister of Education Lucy Molinar thinks some people do not understand that stealing from a school is like stealing from their own children, and that is precisely what happened with the six stolen laptop computers that had been given to students as part of the "Technology For All" program promoted by the Ministry of Education (Meduca). Molinar regretted this Thursday, May 17, that such "irrational" actions occur in Panama, especially because it is a program that benefits young people who want to study, educate and better themselves. "We want to denounce to the country that this effort is being done, but we cannot throw it away," the minister said at a news conference.

Without going into details, the minister explained that those who stole the laptops will not be able to sell them because each is designed with an anti-theft system. "The are disabled and remain as dead," but also, through a monitoring system, they will automatically turn themselves off periodically if they are not taken to schools, she said.

On 11 May Meduca began delivery of the laptops, which is part of the "Technology For All" program. In total, they intend to deliver at least 93 000 laptops to students around the country, to provide support to the students during teaching and learning, according to the Meduca. A total of $27.6 million dollars was allocated for this project.

Warning Issued: Molinar issued a warning, after learning of this theft, because she said "we have to review our values" when these types of offenses are committed. According to the schedule, Meduca will soon deliver the rest of the computers to students in fourth, fifth and sixth year of middle education level in each of the educational regions. However, it still has not been confirmed if the delivery will be suspended.

Meanwhile, Mirta Mosquera, Police Commissioner for Children, said at the press conference that whoever is found with the stolen equipment will "be held responsible." Mosquera said people should not buy this type of equipment from "unscrupulous people". The investigations relevant to this case will continue as required. (Prensa)

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