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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 01:53 AM EDT

Mitchell Doens Claims To Have The Backing of Perez Balladares and Martin Torrijos

Mitchell Doens - Secretary General of the PRD Political Party
Mitchell Doens - Secretary General of the PRD Political Party
"We can defeat this mafia that is ruling Panama in 2014, and the only way, in our opinion, is by making a strong opposition. We have said that Ricardo Martinelli is a political corpse, who has lost the strategic initiative in politics." This is how the general secretary of the PRD, Mitchell Doens, spoke about the government and president Martinelli, who said his candidacy for reelection to his seat in the National Executive Committee (CEN), has the backing of the former presidents Ernesto Perez Balladares and Martin Torrijos, so he remains firm in his aspirations. Doens was responding to recent reports about a distancing from his candidacy by former president Perez Balladares. "This exists only in the mind of Ricardo Martinelli who has an obsession for taking the party leadership in the next Congress, to throw these divisive messages to try to confuse our people," he said.

Doens said the whole origin of this campaign comes out of the presidency, and from the fifth columns and Trojan horses that are inside of the PRD party. "We remain steadfast in our goal, which is to keep the party from falling into the hands of Ricardo Martinelli, and to make an opposition that is firm, which defends the followers of Torrijos, and that cares about the project of Torrijos as have done several members of the Committee National Executive," said Doens.

He said the presidents Balladares and Torrijos have also expressed their support to the presidency of the party for Dr. Francisco Sanchez Cardenas and several members of the CEN that have maintained a firm stance and opposition to Ricardo Martinelli. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: The internal fight for control of the PRD is pretty much gelling around two poles, with Juan Carlos Navarro on one side, and the Doens "Tocona" group on the other. The anti-Navarro guys are trying hard to paint him as having sold out to Martinelli, as a "Trojan horse" or a traitor to the party. Of course Navarro denies this, but then of course how can he prove otherwise? Everyone sees the old goats like Doens and Sanchez Cardenas as the "dinosaurs" of the PRD, while Navarro basically represents the youth faction of the PRD that wants the renew or rejuvenate the party (mostly by tossing out the dinosaurs.) This one is hard to call. I think Navarro will win more votes, but then the "dinosaurs" will probably resort to their old tricks and flat-out steal it from him - just like they did last time. Remember the PRD still has some officials who can help them running around because they had control of the government from 2004 - 2009. The Panameņistas on the other hand, well, they're just screwed.

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Mitchell Doens Claims To Have The Backing of Perez Balladares and Martin Torrijos | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Mitchell Doens Claims To Have The Backing of Perez Balladares and Martin Torrijos
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, May 21 2012 @ 06:38 PM EDT

Look, as far as I can see, any man wearing a darien jungle camaflage hat and yet a picture of it behind him as if he is worshiping himself, or he thinks he is some kind of an immortal leader or conquerer, in my opinion needs to enjoy his golden years on a finca riding his horse into the sunset somewhere, looking at his blown up self portrait.
Please if this guy has any chance of any presidential power here, please tell me, Please!