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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 03:38 pm EDT

Panama Canal Construction Workers Go On Strike

Protests & DemonstrationsOnce again the workers from the Grupo Unidos por el Canal de Panamá, in charge of the works to expand the Panama Canal, today suspended the work (went on strike.) Some messages on social networks reported incidents in Cocolí, one of the areas where work is being done. The Grupo Unidos por el Canal de Panamá is in charge of the design and construction of the third set of locks for the Panama Canal. Last January, the workers went on strike demanding higher wages, and ended the strike on the sixth day after an agreement with the company, supported by the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development.

The workers demanded wage and overtime from the consortium comprised of the Spanish company Sacyr, Italy's Impregilo, Belgium's Jan de Nul and Panama's Constructora Urbana. GUPC undertook to implement the new wages "as soon as the Executive Order takes effect" and one errors in their payroll system were corrected, which they acknowledged was what caused the delay and failure to pay an 18% wage increase to about 6 thousand workers.

So far, it is unknown why the workers went out on strike this time. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: There are three primary elements behind the new "FAD" political party. They come from the fields of public medicine (CSS medical unions), public teachers (FRENADESO), and construction labor unions (SUNTRACS). If you will look closely at the events of the past two weeks, the CSS guys went on strike ten days ago, the public school teachers have called for a march for tomorrow, and now these construction workers have gone on strike, just a few months after having received an 18% raise. Why? It's political. The new "FAD" party is trying to sign up new members in order to be able to participate in the 2014 elections. They only have about 12,000 members right now, so every time they pull one of these stunts they try to increase their membership. It's all related, and it's all political crap and maneuvering.

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Panama Canal Construction Workers Go On Strike
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 23 2012 @ 01:30 pm EDT

These worker unions say they are working for the benefits of their
members, but they only look for their own. They are the same leaders
and don't wanna be replaced.