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Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 05:59 PM EDT

CSS Starts To Dock Pay Of Striking Workers (Strike's Over)

Protests & DemonstrationsFour days of talks have not been sufficient for the health sector unions, the authorities of the Social Security Fund (CSS) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) to agree to end the protest action that meets today 11 days. (Editor's Comment: After this article was published, the strike ended this afternoon.)

Yesterday, at 10:00 p. m. - Father Eusebio Munoz, mediator and spokesman for the Catholic Church, announced that both parties have signed a preliminary agreement document, to which they must respond today at 11:00 am. Workers maintain the current work stoppage and do not rule out protest measures.

Their Pay Will Be Docked: In this regard, the director of the CSS, Guillermo Sez-Llorens, announced that starting today, the strikers' pay will be docked for the hours not worked. "Enough is enough, they are hurting the insured (patients) and it's not fair that a small group is affecting the population," he said. The director of the CSS said that despite some of the striking workers have signed an agreement, they still have not returned to work. "We are going to dock the pay of these officers because they have not worked," he said.

Members of some of the health unions say the discounts (docking of pay) have already begun and some officials who were not even involved in the strike have had their pay docked. "Our doors are open for dialog, and that's why we implemented a general pay increase, because we want to help," said Saez-Llorens.

Ricardo Martinelli, President of the Republic, also made a call to the workers who are on strike."I ask the officers to return to their jobs and dialog without discontinuing care, because many people are being hurt," he said. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: Funny. As soon as the CSS got serious and actually started docking the pay of those who were not showing up for work, the "strike" ended immediately. As I have been saying all along, this was nothing more than a show for political purposes, driven by those who are organizing the new FAD political party. Whatever, it's over.

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