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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 07:35 PM EDT

Inmates At Women's Prison Complain About Conditions

Crime & PunishmentThey are still mad. Although yesterday the prisoners at the Women's Rehabilitation Center, located in the district of San Miguelito rioted demanding better conditions in the enclosure, they still have not received an answer from prison authorities. The prisoners report that some of them are sleeping on the floor, because there is no room for them in the cells. There are also complaints about poor health care.

In an interview the Director of the Penitentiary System in Panama Angel Calderon admitted the facilities of the Women's Rehabilitation Center of Panama have collapsed, and they are analyzing a proposal for an exchange for the land. Calderon said he had requested an appraisal of the land. The protest has been controlled, and according to Calderon those who want to make disturbances are those which were sanctioned by the warden. (Dia a Dia)

Editor's Comment: Calderon started talking about land valuation because the current Women's Prison is located right next to Tumba Muerto near La Pulida - meaning - the prison is sitting on land that is worth a lot of money. So they are considering the possibility of relocating the prison and building a new facility, which would be an improvement on the crowded living conditions. I've been inside of that prison and the inmates are packed in there like sardines, although the general conditions are much better for the women than it is for the men in La Joya.

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