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Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 11:56 PM EDT

Rain, Floods, And Traffic Jams In Front Of Metro Mall

Cars & TransportationThe road in front of the Metro Mall remained flooded this afternoon, causing a traffic jam on the road. Besides the large lagoon formed in place, drivers also had to figure out where to go, because this road is in poor condition. Upset drivers decided to wait in order to not damage their cars in the water, but they complained that these traffic jams not only occur when it's raining, but every day. Remember that road crews have been working on the road to Tocumen for more than a week, specifically from the Supermarket 99 of El Faro in Cerro Viento until the KFC in Los Pueblos. However, both tracks from Tocumen to Cerro Viento are in the same condition, making it impossible for drivers 24 hours a day, causing a huge traffic jam. (TVN)

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