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Wednesday, September 03 2014 @ 03:00 AM EDT

Robin D. "Rob" Minks - Accused Scam Artist - Possibly Looking For Next Victim in Panama

Expat TalesBy DON WINNER for - There is an American running around Panama who could possibly cause some serious problems for the members of the English speaking community of expatriates here. The man's name is Dr. Robin D. Minks, who goes by "Rob". Just his week Rob Minks drained thousands of dollars from the bank account a his "friend" who had just died in the hospital. Minks was arrested in Cartagena, Colombia in 2011 on weapons charges and deported back to the United States. Because of his problems with the IRS, he immediately turned around and boarded a plane for Panama, and he's apparently been here ever since. Rob Minks has gone through a string of victims in recent years, including his friend and soon to be former spouse. The people who know what he did to his soon to be former spouse in Colombia, as well as his "friends" here in Panama, contacted me with detailed information about his past activities, including copies of the complaints that have been filed against him in Colombia and the United States. Minks is now somewhere in the Republic of Panama. He just left one new victim behind, and he will most likely be trying to find, target, and isolate his next victim. The community here needs to be aware of this man, to know who he is and what he was done, and to know he should not be trusted under any circumstances. (more)

No Arrest Warrants In The United States: I checked with my contacts in law enforcement and there are apparently no pending wants or arrest warrants currently against Robin D. Minks in the United States. If there were any warrants pending against him you would not be reading this article right now, because I would have held off until he was picked up by the local authorities for a free ride back to the US to face justice. In fact, Minks has simply failed to file his IRS tax returns since at least 2005. I've been sent copies of the notices sent to him by the IRS over the years, which he has ignored.

He Is (Was) Actually A Medical Doctor: Robin D. Minks was a neurologist practicing in Virginia, in the United States. It's worth pointing out because - after the slew of fakes and charlatans in Panama who use the title of "Doctor" without actually having earned the degree - he either is or was a trained medical doctor. However the local authorities in Virginia revoked his license in 2009 after he abruptly closed his medical practice in Christiansburg. According to this local news article: "Minks was found to have abandoned his patients after closing his Christiansburg neurology practice in March 2009 without notifying anyone or giving patients access to their medical records." The fact that Minks has a knowledge of medicine might prove to be important, later.

Stealing From His Dead "Friend" - Robin D. Minks has recently broken the law here in Panama. Rob Minks was living aboard a motorboat named the "Tortuga" with an American citizen named Keith Delaney in the Shelter Bay Marina, Colon. Keith Delaney died in Panama on or about 27 May 2012. Keith's "friend" Rob Minks immediately started to drain Keith's bank account using his ATM card, pulling out $500 dollars at a pop. Keith's family members in the United States became aware of this activity after Robin Minks had already managed to steal about $3,000 dollars, illegally removed from Keith Delaney's bank account after his death over a period of six days. Keith Delaney's family members contacted the bank and put a stop to it. The last illegal withdrawal was made this week. Rob Minks was living aboard the "Tortuga" until yesterday, when he was kicked off. Keith Delaney's family members are currently trying to figure out how to get to Panama in order to file criminal charges against Robin D. "Rob" Minks here. More about that when it takes place.

Sociopath and Con Artist: From what I've heard and learned about this man's activities just this afternoon, it's pretty clear he fits the textbook definition and profile of a Sociopath. He is glib, smart, and can be charming. He makes friends easily, then takes advantage of those friendships or relationships in order to obtain what he wants. I suspect Rob Minks is currently - right now - hunting around Panama in search of his next victim. And that's why it was important for me to issue this article quickly as a warning. What he has done in the past can be dealt with by the authorities in the United States, Colombia, and Panama. However I wanted to make sure that everyone knows about this guy, so you can "see him coming" and reduce your chances of becoming his next victim. He wrote this note to himself, apparently as he was contemplating a way to find someone to replace his soon to be former spouse, who had just left him in Colombia. This note was found, which had been written in his hand; "Empathy - Key to finding someone. Know their motives, circumstances, goals, aims, fears, and needs. Think like them and see what they see. Be them."

This Is A Public Service Announcement: If you see this man or have any contact with him, you should be aware of his recent past here in Panama, and in Colombia. Robin D. "Rob" Minks has been hanging around the community of boaters and cruisers, especially along Panama's Caribbean coast. You can expect to find him somewhere near the water and boats, like in Shelter Bay, at the marinas in Colon, Portobelo, Puerto Lindo, or up and down that entire coast as far as the Guna Yala. Panama is a relatively small place and hopefully this guy won't be able to catch his next victim sleeping. His last "friend" Keith trusted him, and for that his bank account was being drained while he was on his death bed in the hospital. Nice guy, this one...

Victimized Spouse: Robin D. Minks convinced his wife that she should liquidate all of her assets in the United States, turn it all into gold, and set off on a sailboat for the Caribbean. There is a very long and complicated story there, that I'm not going to go into here. Robin Minks' former spouse died in 2006 of an apparent suicide. However, there were three copies of her death certificate found on a sailboat in Cartagena that had been altered. In addition there was an incriminating journal or diary in which Minks said he found that his former spouse had taken the pills in order to overdose and commit suicide. So he went out and took care of his horses for six hours, and when he came back he found she was cold and blue, so that's when he called the police. Remember the part about medical training? Minks was also at the hospital when his "friend" died.

Using His Son: Rob Minks has used his adult son Kanaan to clean $60,000 out of a bank account without authorization, to steal about $80,000 worth of jewelry and other valuables from his soon-to-be former spouse, and to fraudulently obtain documentation indicating ownership of a sailboat in Cartagena, Colombia. Rob Minks "can't have anything in his name" because of his problems with the IRS.

Allegations Of Drug Abuse: There are also allegations that Rob Minks is currently using drugs such as cocaine. If true, he will be needing quick and easy access to cash in a hurry.

Studied The Don North Case: There's a report Rob Minks became somewhat obsessed with the murders of Don North and Jean Pierre Bouhard at the hands of Javier Martin. He considers himself to be a sort of "modern day pirate" (his words).

That's Enough: There are many more details, but you get the point. Watch out for this guy. Tell your friends. Spread the word. Hopefully he will quickly figure out Panama is not the place he wants to be. If he's as smart as he thinks he is, he will run away, right now. Woof.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Robin D. \"Rob\" Minks - Accused Scam Artist - Possibly Looking For Next Victim in Panama
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, June 01 2012 @ 06:44 AM EDT

I think I have seen this guy in Bocas del toro.

Robin D. \"Rob\" Minks - Accused Scam Artist - Possibly Looking For Next Victim in Panama
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, August 12 2012 @ 06:59 AM EDT

I know this man.