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Friday, August 29 2014 @ 04:21 PM EDT

TBM "Gloria" Finishes 8.2 Km Tunnel - Part Of The Bay of Panama Cleanup Project

Infrastructure UpgradesAmid applause and joy, the President of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli, received together with his mother and the representatives from the Government of Japan the TBM "Gloria" on the coastal strip of Panama. "Gloria", which appeared on the scene by knocking down a wall painted with a bulls-eye, today concluded its excavation work as part of the project to clean up the Bay of Panama. Martinelli showed satisfaction with the work done in the project, and said they would pour white sand in the area.

The TBM, "Gloria", bears the name in honor of Gloria Berrocal de Martinell, the mother of the President, dug the 8.2 kilometer long tunnel from Chanis as far as the Bay of Panama. The tunnel construction consists of an inner tune with a 3 meter diameter made of concrete and PVC, dug between 16 and 23 meters below ground. Waste water for the sanitation project will go through the tunnel, driven by the pumping station to be built in the Nuevo Reparto Panama to the water treatment plant for residual waters, located in Juan Diaz.

The project to clean up the Bay of Panama, represents an investment of $516 million dollars and marks a milestone in construction in the country, being the first tunnel built by a TBM in Panama. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Now all of the rainwater that falls on Panama City will be collected up, sent to the pumping station, and pumped through this new tunnel to a treatment plant. There, it will be cleaned up before being released into the Bay of Panama. Supposedly there will be no water flowing directly into the bay via streams and rivers, as it happens now. As part of this project sections of the Bay of Panama will also be dredged and cleaned up. Supposedly in a few years after this system starts operating, the ocean will "heal itself" and pretty soon there will be a swimming beach (no kidding) in Panama City. Right now if you swam in that water you'd grow a third eye and a sixth finger.

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