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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 09:39 AM EDT

Construction Work Advances On Five Hospitals in Panama

HealthcareOf the five new hospitals that are still under construction at this time, three replace existing structures and two will be entirely new, said Health Minister Franklin Vergara. "Such is the case of the Anita Moreno Hospital of Los Santos, whose structures are threatening to fall on patients, and specialists who work out of the health clinic," he said. Work on the hospital in Los Santos has advanced 39%. The hospital Manuel Amador Guerrero hospital in the province of Colon and the Luis "Chicho" Fabrega hospital in the province of Veraguas are also being overhauled, and those projects are 23% and 17% complete, respectively. Minister Vergara said when they finish the work at the hospital in Colon it will be one of the most modern hospitals in all of Central America, and the hospital in Veraguas will include a pediatric ward for the care of infants in the province. Vergara said on Telemetro Report they are building two new hospitals - one in the community of Metetí in the province of the Darien, and another in Bugaba, Chiriqui. As for the human resource needed in these hospitals, Vergara said specialists are being trained in the Santo Tomas Hospital and in the Children's Hospital, and they will not repeat the mistakes made with the hospital in 24 de Diciembre. The minister said he is very positive that young people are prepared in this professional field of medicine, and the future of doctors in Panama is very good. (Panama America)
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