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Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 01:22 AM EDT

National Assembly Approves Funding For IDAAN and Civil Aviation

Money MattersThe Budget Committee of the National Assembly approved funding of $2.5 million dollars for the National Institute for Water and Sewers (IDAAN). Deputy Sergio Galvez, president of the commission, said the funds will be used to pay for a program of "micro measuring" of water service, and for 250,000 new water meters to be installed throughout the country. Meanwhile, the Assembly stated that, according to the Director of Planning of the IDAAN, Luis Alberto Broce, with this funding they can start the installation program of micro-meters, in order to reduce the problem the entity has with water service that's not currently being billed. Broce said they are not currently billing for about 40% of the water being produced by IDAAN. He said it should be clear this institution can not afford to give away the vital liquid. The IDAAN has already started the program and installation of micro-meters in the district of Arraiján.

Civil Aviation - The National Assembly also approved funding in the amount of $7.1 million dollars for the Civil Aviation Authority. Rafael Barcenas Chiari, general manager of the AAC, said the money will be used to add resources to the investment budget for this fiscal year, for the cancellation of 12 accounts filed in the end of 2011, of which 9 are progress of infrastructure development projects. (Estrella)

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