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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 03:39 AM UTC

New Patrol Boats Christened And Entered Into Service in Panama

Drug TraffickingThe four model PC 200 patrol boats - which according to the government have a value of $80 million dollars - donated to Panama by the government of Italy, were christened yesterday. Interestingly, none of the honorees attended. The ships were christened with the names of the four former presidents, Guillermo Endara, Ernesto Pérez Balladares, Mireya Moscoso and Martín Torrijos, The refurbished patrol boats were presented and delivered yesterday to the National Air System (Senan). Guillermo Endara was represented at the ceremony by his widow, Ana Mae Diaz Endara, widow, who described as "great" the homage paid to the former president. Former president Mireya Moscoso sent a person on her behalf, while Perez Balladares and Torrijos did not attend. President Ricardo Martinelli said "these boats will help fight drug trafficking and money laundering that other governments have allowed to abound until today."

Ready For Action - The newly arrived patrol boats will be deployed along the Pacific coast between the province of Darien and Colombia, but also in neighboring points with neighboring Costa Rica. It is expected that by January 2013 two more, larger patrol boats will be arriving from Italy. (Mi Diario)

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New Patrol Boats Christened And Entered Into Service in Panama
Authored by: D.T. on Friday, June 01 2012 @ 09:57 PM UTC

Those patrol boats should have been named after predatory fish that are prowling the Panama waters, the one that are cleaning us from rotting and bad fishes.
NOT the predatory politician fishes bearing their names on those boats , that is an insult to all honest Panamanians. Those nominates are very insulted because their names should be AT LEAST on more “grandeur bling-bling” things that pay of like their past administration.