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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 03:05 PM UTC

Installation Of New Coastal Surveillance Radars Started in Panama

Drug TraffickingThe installation of the 19 new coastal surveillance radar sets to be located along the shores of the Pacific and Atlantic in Panama could be completed by March 2013, said Security Minister Jose Raul Mulino. He said the installation of these radars will begin in easily accessible areas, where private companies have already donated thousand square meters of land. "I just would have to invest in the perimeter fence," he added.

About the payment for this equipment the contract states that Panama will issue an invoice to be purchased by Citibank London (representing three banks) and the money will be transferred to the manufacturers. He said Panama will make the first payment in 2014 once the installation of the equipment is complete. "When we made ​​the purchase of the radars, we made sure they had a guarantee, and what's more training for Panamanian officials is also included in the contract," he said.

He added that the radars will be interconnected with the new patrol boats and the Database Operations Center in Panama, and eventually they will be interconnected with United States, Colombia, Mexico, among others. He said soon they would invite the news media to take a tour of the Command and Control Center that is being installed in Cocolí, at the headquarters of the National Naval Air Service. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: In this interview on Telemetro this morning, Mulino said in some of the locations that are more difficult to access, they will have to lift it all in via helicopter because there are no roads, or any way to get in there on boat or barge. They are building the easier ones first, and the more difficult ones will come on line later. It's a damn shame they screwed this whole gig up with the Valter Lavitola scandal. Until that broke this project was going to be a huge "plus" for Panama - but now it just feels like a tainted "almost" corruption scandal.

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