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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 05:14 PM EDT

Punished University Students Don't Like It - Go Figure...

Protests & DemonstrationsCollege students will continue today, Monday, with their protests, which have been termed 'passive resistance', opposite the entrance of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Panama. Charles Bichet, President of the Student Center of the Faculty of Law, said the decisions of the Academic Council are forged in the Palace of the Herons. "High authorities of the institution respond to the concerns of President Ricardo Martinelli," said the student leader. Gustavo Garcia de Paredes, the Rector of the University of Panama, said it is false that the suspension of classes at the university is linked to political issues. "The university remains closed because we are performing a process to determine those who were involved in the events of 25 May 2012," he said.

STUDENT TERRORISM - Bichet said what is happening in the university is "student terrorism" and said Omar Concepción and Martín Castillo were suspended for three years, "and Aarón Bracho, Juan Apolayo, Henry Ferguson and myself were suspended for one semester." "What they seek is to limit our freedom of speech, to silence the voice of the student groups against national issues of concern to the population," said Bichet.

OFFICIALS MEET - The general secretary of the UP, Miguel Angel Candanedo said that today, at 3:00 p. m., the Academic Council will make a decision on the resumption of classes. He added that the eight students who were involved in the beating given to the institution cameraman Victor Acosta, might be receiving sanctions today. Many of the students participating in the protests are members of Sigma Lambda Chapter of Honor and have received awards from the Academic Council itself. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: Would that be the Sigma Lambda Chapter of eight hooligans ganging up to beat on one lone guy with a camera? The Sigma Lambda Chapter of politically motivated street protests? Awards of Honor for the best chunk of concrete thrown as a police officer? Give me a friggin' break. Preventing these idiots from blocking one of Panama's primary traffic arteries, keeping them from burning down a library, or punishing them for beating up a cameraman is not squashing their freedom of speech.

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