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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 07:47 AM EDT

In The CD There's "No Room For Betrayal" - Giselle Burillo

Giselle Burillo - Politician For The Cambio Democratico Political Party
Giselle Burillo - Politician For The Cambio Democratico Political Party
The Danager of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Authority (Ampyme), Giselle Burillo, said the Democratic Change (CD) political party will develop their policy for party primary elections with a view to the 2014 elections, and there will not be any betrayals. Burillo said on Tuesday, May 5, that "whoever emerges victorious by the will of the party members [in the primaries] will be the one carrying the flag, and we will all unite in one mind to remain the government of change, because here in Democratic Change is no room for betrayal," said the official. Along the same vein, she said on the TVN morning news broadcast that the CD in both the primary and general elections will "provide for a clean and transparent policy," presenting the best option in the 2014 elections. "The whole idea of a person first embracing you and then betraying you and stabbing you in the back, we do not like," said Burillo. Burillo said she aims to be the presidential candidate for the CD in 2014, but she said she knows she will have to compete against other candidates, including Guillermo Ferrufino, Roxana Méndez, José Domingo Arias, Ricardo Fábrega y Aníbal Galindo. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Do you think the CD will allow for a second round of voting in their primary election if one of the candidates does not manage to obtain at least 50%+1 of the vote in the first round? What's good for the goose... And, Burillo's statements are ironic because she's the one who abandoned the PRD and flipped over to the CD at the last minute just before the elections in 2009, bringing her followers with her, and as a reward she was given the Ampyme. The leadership of the CD is basically comprised of ambitious politicians who would all like to run the show next time. When Burillo was talking about "betrayal" she meant Juan Carlos Varela and the Panameñistas.

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