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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 02:34 PM EDT

The New Water Authority Would Be Removed From Politics

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Rómulo Roux - Minister of the Panama Canal
Rómulo Roux - Minister of the Panama Canal
Romulo Roux, the Minister of the Panama Canal, denied that the Bill to create the new Water Authority would "politicize" the institution. He said the legal framework being used to create the new Water and Sanitation Authority seeks autonomy and self-efficacy for the institution and keep politics within the institution as they are at present. He denied that the Secretary of Water would allow for absolute control by the Executive Branch over the new authority. He added that for the selection of the new Board of Directors of the new authority, they would be looking for the best professionals who have knowledge of the subject, who wish to provide their input. He said these positions would have tenures of 3, 6, and 9 years. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: Let's start with a premise - the IDAAN, as it is now, and as it has been for decades, is broke and flat on it's ass. It does not work well, so I am all for doing something else that might work better. A large percentage of Panamanians don't have ready or regular access to clean drinking water today. The IDAAN can't seem to collect the money they are owed, or to get paid for the services they provide. They are owed millions upon millions of dollars in back service fees, and it's been three years now under the CD and even they can't get paid. I think this new effort to trash the IDAAN and come up with the new Water and Sanitation Authority is an effort to flush the old and start fresh. And of course the political opposition are trying to say that Martinelli is trying to take over more power. Hey idiots - he already has complete control over the IDAAN and can fire the director at will, so what's he point? And of course the IDAAN employees are going to be nervous and will require some hand holding to make sure they understand they will keep their jobs and seniority, etc. But yeah, they've got to do something to un-screw the IDAAN.

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