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Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 04:33 AM EDT

CD Deputies Fighting For Accreditation To Sit On Central American Parliament

PoliticsThe attorney representing the Democratic Change political party, Abraham Rosas, said today on the TVN morning news that the Central American Parliament is only waiting for the Electoral Tribunal to give accreditation to the seven CD deputies so they can be seated. Rosas said that for these Deputies, the Electoral Court is in contempt because they are ignoring the ruling of the Supreme Court of Panama, which ordered the correction of the expiration date of the credentials that was 24 November 2010, when Law 78 of 11 December 2009 was to enter into force which would have removed Panama from the Central American Parliament.

On 2 February 2012 the Supreme Court ruled the law removing Panama from the Central American Parliament was unconstitutional. Panama is not linked to the Central American Court (which ignores the decision regarding the CD deputies), therefore, the accreditation to the Central American Parliament must be valid, according to the Electoral Tribunal, so the Deputies from the Democratic Change political party are asking for the credentials to be delivered so they can take their seats, Rosas argued.

Panama is entitled to 20 seats in the, so if the credentials are delivered to the 7 CD Representatives, those who are currently occupying those seats would have to vacate them. The lawyer for the CD deputies said those deputies (from other political parties) who would be removed from the Parlacen once the deputies from the Democratic Change are accredited are the ones who are pressuring the Electoral Tribunal to not issue the accreditation.

So far, the Electoral Tribunal, in the "Room of Agreements" through a decision issued on 24 May 2012, that the Supreme Court limited themselves to simply declare the unconstitutionality of the law, without going into consideration of the effects regarding the participation of Panama the PARLACEN, which is to say "the revival or not of Law 2 of May 1994 and Law 4 of 27 January 2005" which established the legal instruments for the entry of Panama to the forum. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: The Electoral Tribunal is controlled (right now) by the PRD. Those who would lose their seats are from the PRD, so they delaying as long as possible, while the CD guys are trying to get seated. With this political wrangling, the PRD loses all credibility should they argue for the importance of "institutions" in the country that are supposedly being violated by the CD and Martinelli. In fact, they are no better or different than the CD in this respect. Martinelli said the Central American Parliament was just a hiding place for corrupt politicians, so then why to they want their seats so bad? Answer - to screw with the PRD guys. And, the money of course.

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