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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 12:26 PM UTC

Seven Guys Arrested With 80 AK-47's At Dawn

Drug TraffickingNational Police units were able to dismantle a gang engaged in arms trafficking.  The band consists of four Colombians and three Panamanians, including a member of the Institutional Protection System (SPI), who were traveling aboard three vans carrying more than 80 AK-47 type weapons. Additionally they were armed with two 9mm handguns. The seven suspects were arrested in the area of Nuevo Tocumen, in the Eastern part of the province of Panama, in the early morning hours today. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: Drug trafficking, money laundering, weapons trafficking, human trafficking - it's all tied together. Illegal activity, and Panama tends to be right at the center of the action due to its geographic position, with the drug markets to the North and source countries to the South. Most of this kind of activity simply passes right by the vast majority of the members of the English speaking community of expatriates who live in the Republic of Panama. Don't try to buy an illegal AK-47 and you should not have any problems. And for the record, Panamanian laws make it very difficult for a private citizen to own any sort of rifle or long gun with a rifled barrel. Handguns for personal protection, shotguns for home defense, fine - but AK-47's make Panamanians very nervous. Back during the Noriega years Cuba flooded Panama with AK-47's by the container load. These weapons were handed out to the poorest neighborhoods, to the "Dignity Battalions" that were supposed to help shoot American military personnel, and they've been used in crime every since.

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