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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 09:56 PM EDT

Muņoz: PRD and Panameņistas Have United To Attack CD

PoliticsNational Assembly Deputy José Muņoz, of the ruling Democratic Change political party, told La Estrella that the PRD and Panameņista opposition groups have mounted a "strategy" two years before the elections to discredit the government. "Now the two parties are working together, of course their fear is, that once we get into the year 2014 (people) will be able to see all of the projects that have been completed, and they will lose (the election)," he said. Muņoz, who is also a Council Member from Tocumen and the former President of the National Assembly, said often the opposition is mounted on "lies" to "hit" the Executive. He gave the example that during the administration of former president Mireya Moscoso, the PRD began to talk of corruption with two incidents that occurred, in order to begin to "hit" the Panameņista a full two years before the end of her term (1999 - 2004). Also, Muņoz endorsed the words of President Ricardo Martinelli when he said in 2014 the Democratic Change political party will "repeat" because of the work they have done and the projects they have completed, things that were abandoned twenty years ago. (Estrella)

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