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Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 02:18 AM EDT

Apparently There Was A Mistake In The Arrest Of Jan Cornelis Hendril Hovenkamp

Expat TalesBy DON WINNER for - Today I received an email from Yotzi Beitia de Hovenkamp, who is both a lawyer and the wife of Jan Cornelis Hendril Hovenkamp - Arrested in Panama. She sent me an email (in Spanish) which said (translated); "I am a lawyer and the wife of Jan Hovenkamp, about who you published an article on 31 May, about the unjust and erroneous arrest of my husband. In the same way that you published this news I DEMAND that you make public that it was a illegal and catastrophic mistake by the the Dutch Government, that my husband is free and there are no charges against him, either in INTERPOL, nor in Panama. As soon as you reply to this email, I will send by the same means the Dutch government note acknowledging the mistake and apologizing, and the official translation into Spanish."

OK, Works For Me: Apparently there was some sort of a mistake, so I immediately responded via email, saying "Sure, no problem. If you have some kind of a press release, news story, or official statement, please send it. I'll be happy to publish that information." And how did she respond to that offer? "You can get all information at the foreign affairs minister, legal department, Lic. Olivardia. It was a mistake, and Dutch government admitted to have made a mistake and apologized for this. As soon as I have the official document, I will send you a document. In the mean time, I want you to clear the name of Mr. Hovenkamp, or I will pursui legal action against you sir."

Why Do You Have To Make Threats? I snatched up the phone and called her. She said she would be sending additional information and documents, and she has not. She said she's waiting for official documents or for things to be translated. I explained that both as the wife and lawyer for Jan Cornelis Hendril Hovenkamp she could just make a statement via email or what have you, and all of the journalists in Panama would be happy to print that. This isn't a court of law, and mistakes get made, but damn dude, starting off with a threat is just a bad way to go. Whatever. We went around the flagpole a couple of times and I told her to send whatever she wants and I'll publish it. In the meantime if she wants to take legal action against me for whatever reason, go right ahead. Pound sand, and good bye, (click).

So There You Have It: You now know just as much about this as I do. Apparently (according to his wife) there was some sort of mistake made by the Dutch government with regards to his arrest. I'm still waiting for a statement, email or otherwise, documents, or whatever. If there really was some sort of a mistake, I can understand how they would be upset - that's a normal, human reaction. But why attack the press when we are simply trying to do our jobs? I offered to do everything in my power, to run a correction, additional information, a statement or a clarification, and she still came at me with an attitude and threats. And when someone jumps into my face, my natural reaction is to jump right back. "Me cae mal..."

And Then About An Hour Later: I received this email from her (original in Spanish, translated): "Good afternoon, attached is part of the note sent by the Dutch government, in which they recognized it was a mistake and apologized. I ask for the note to be made ​​public and to communicate that JAN Hovenkamp was released, that the Panamanian authorities followed a request from the Dutch government, which has recognized its error and apologized through an official note. These apologies, of course, do not solve all of the psychological, moral and economic damage caused to our family, for the hours of unjust detention, and the publications in the news media. The following is part of the note issued by the official of the Public Ministry of the Netherlands; (the following was sent in Dutch, and as you will see there are parts of the machine translation that don't make much sense) Amsterdam Public Prosecutor, Kingdom of the Netherlands. I am sorry for him that the sun is clearing. My heartfelt and sincere apologies. We will immediately notify the Panamanian authorities of our current position and invite the Lord Hovenkamp immediately to freedom. Yours faithfully, MR.CL Van Kooten Prosecutor, on behalf of Mr G V Smink Prosecutor."

I'm Sorry For Him That The Sun Is Clearing? WTF? The note said (in Dutch) "HET SPIJT MIJ VOOR HEM DAT HET ZO GELOPEN IS." If anyone wants to come back with a better translation, feel free to send that in the comments section... Ah, there you go. A reader sent the proper translation via email. It should be translated as "I am sorry it turned out this way" or "I am sorry this happened to him." That's better. Thanks. So how the hell did the machine translation come up with "I'm Sorry For Him That The Sun Is Clearing"? Machine translations are goofy by nature.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Apparently There Was A Mistake In The Arrest Of Jan Cornelis Hendril Hovenkamp | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Apparently There Was A Mistake In The Arrest Of Jan Cornelis Hendril Hovenkamp
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, June 07 2012 @ 09:16 PM EDT

Mmmm I regret that things have turned out this way...... only question from my side is,
Normally if it's a court or the ministry of foreign afairs they will never use I but we instead and it would say we regret that things have turned out this way for.....
But maybe things have schanged over the years.
Normally the system in Holland is pretty up to date and everything is linked with eachother, even if you pass through after years they catch you straight away at the airport.

On the otherhand he was detained by the panamanian authorities based on an outstanding warrant and off course the press will make a story out of it.
If the wife is looking for legal action? go to the Dutch authorities and not the press because at the moment he was caught nothing was wrong or false based on the information provided to the press.
And let's be honest, he wasn't that innocent in the past