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Wednesday, August 27 2014 @ 05:06 AM EDT

Minister Of Public Works Defends Project Costs

Infrastructure UpgradesPublic Works Minister Federico Suarez responded again to the recent criticisms that have emerged over the costs of the project expand the road in Domingo Diaz, an investment $237 million dollars to improve 12 kilometers of roadway. Suarez said there are no excessive costs in this project. "Everything is costing it has to cost," he said. Suarez said the expansion of the road in Domingo Diaz is a comprehensive project that will permit this road to will have the capacity needed in addition to improving vehicular circulation facilities in the sector.

Details of the Costs - Some costs related to the Metro Bus transportation system have been included in this project, such as the construction of bus stops representing $35.3 million dollars of the total cost of the project. In addition, Suarez said while speaking on TVN News, there is a financing component, meaning private financing for about $13 million dollars, as well as the cost of the tax on the transfer of tangible personal property (ITBMS) representing about $16 million dollars.

On the morning news the Minister of Public Works said the project includes at least four bridges or interchanges costing between $17 and $18 million dollars each. In addition the project contemplates clearing the center of the roadway in order to allow the capacity for a future line of the Metro mass transit system, as is being done along Via Transistmica. About the costs of basic construction materials, Suarez said "I don't make them up, this comes from the CAPAC." "The issue of the construction is comparative based on the cost of materials," he said. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: This is the construction project to expand the roadway out past San Miguelito, the extension of Tumba Muerto, in the areas of El Crisol, the Los Pueblos and Metro Mall shopping centers, headed toward the Tocumen International Airport. As the Minister of Public Works Suarez has spent more government money in the past three years than practically any other minister of the Martinelli administration. He gets the money to build new stuff, and they've been building a whole lot of stuff lately.

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