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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 10:02 AM EDT

More Than 55,000 Vehicles Have Expired License Plates in Panama City

Cars & TransportationFrom January through April this year, 55,262 license plates have not been picked up by taxpayers, as revealed in a report by the Municipal Treasurer of the Municipality of Panama. Guillermo Dominguez, the Director of the Tax Administration, said the delays in the removal of plates is causing losses to the institution, and that the most frequent excuses given are traffic accidents, followed by mechanical breakdown. The Mayor has requested the preparation of a total of 202,989 license plates, from January to July. The report notes that in January they had available 29,489 license plates, of which 24,607 were withdrawn by the taxpayers.

In February there were 29,619 registered enrollments, and of those 23,727 went into the hands of taxpayers. While in March and April a total of 59,000 cars were registered. Meanwhile, during the month of May 23 out of every 100 people had not fulfilled their obligation to pay their road tax. For the month of June the Municipality ordered the production of 29,201 license plates, and figures for July amounted to 28,049, which are about to be delivered to the various municipal offices. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Great money making opportunity here. If there are more than 55,000 vehicles driving around Panama City with expired license plates then the National Police should start issuing tickets (and not asking for bribes to let people go). I think the ticket for an expired plate is like $50 bucks, so this could raise $2.75 million dollars in fines.

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More Than 55,000 Vehicles Have Expired License Plates in Panama City | 2 comments | Create New Account
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More Than 55,000 Vehicles Have Expired License Plates in Panama City
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, June 09 2012 @ 11:07 AM EDT

I have to admit since I had my Boat Trailer registered with a License Plate for one year I haven't renewed it again. What happened was that I was told that I could no longer take the Trailer ( with the 16 ' Seadoo attached ) to get a " Revisado " Inspection at Durallantas on Calle 50 which was closer and that I was now being designated by another " Change of Regulations " to go to some " Bumf..k " place behind the Cerveceria Nacional for the Inspection. , well can you imagine driving ( towing )through all that traffic just to pay to have another Computer generated Picture to withdraw another new Plate . I decided to leave it in my Loft Building parked only waitng to pay a $50.00 late fee per year until I'm ready to ship it back to the States or sell it... ...By the way since I'm not using any of the roads , the Government still fines you.anyway...Ha!..Ha!........Also I found out that my name appears on a Transit file that you can look up on a A.T.T.T. website for any violations or traffic records. ...I have to say that I challenged a Citation given to me right about Carnival time (this year ) for a " DISORDERLY DRIVING " violation in a residential area and I won the Judges decision in the Traffic Court as a resolved dispute. ...Can you imagine a { DISORDERLY DRIVING VIOLATION IN PANAMA } ..It felt good not having to pay a Bribe or a $75.00 Fine and keep in mind that the Transit authorities never accepts a check when you are paying a Traffic Fine.. Ever wonder why they only accept " CASH ONLY " ,take a wild Guess !..........The moral of this story is for every step forward in advancement there's two steps backwards.......just take it with a grain of salt from my own experience ..................I thank the " Almighty " that I'm able to complete all my Vehicle Transactions in my Florida residence On-Line

More Than 55,000 Vehicles Have Expired License Plates in Panama City
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, June 09 2012 @ 11:01 PM EDT

Kind of a vicious circle. Get a ticket and don't pay until you go to get your new placa. Don't get a new placa and you never have to pay the fine.

Tickets are not the answer. Confiscate the vehicle and issue a ticket. Do the same for no proof of insurance and no valid license.