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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 12:30 PM EDT

Very Low Murder Rate In Los Santos Province

Crime & PunishmentThe Public Security Minister, Jose Raul Mulino, announced there has been a low rate of homicides in the province of Los Santos yesterday, Friday, 8 June 2012, at the inauguration of a new integrated checkpoint of the National Police and the Authority Aquatic Resources of Panama (ARAP), in the community of Quebrada Ocho Pasos, in the district of Tonosi. Mulino said three people were killed in May 2011, while so far this year only one person has been killed, which occurred last March and involved an infant. The construction of the integrated post will be used to fight drug trafficking, illegal fishing, home robberies in the coastal communities in the region. During the ceremony Mulino promised that "before the end of my time in office the Naval Air Station will be built in the coastal area of 'Los Buzos' of Tonosi, which will be interconnected with the communities of Cambutal, Buenos Aires, in the district of Macaracas and Veraguas." There are four projects running in the province, including the remodeling of a barracks, a communications room, equipping the police station in Guararé, and the construction and equipment of an integrated checkpoint for the National Police and the Justice of the Peace in the area of Tres Quebradas. (Panama America)

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