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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 05:14 PM EDT

Yet Another Infrastructure Improvement Project - Building New Water Main Lines in Panama City

Infrastructure UpgradesThe Government officially received and opened the bid proposals for the "Project of study, design, construction and operation of enlargement and sustainable improvement of water and sewage systems of Panama", which will directly benefit 600,000 people. This project is conducted through the National Council for Sustainable Development (CONADES) that has the support of the Institute of Aqueduct and Sewage Systems (Idaan), includes the construction of four pipelines for water distribution in the capital city and improvements to 14 networks in the district of San Miguelito. It also has the purpose of providing the necessary infrastructure to ensure proper distribution of drinking water in Panama City and ensure better distribution of existing systems that have reduced capacity. The documents received during the event were; the performance bond, as well as the technical and economic proposals.

According to the mechanism used in this bidding process, today it was verified whether the bond filed by the proponents met the requirements established by the Comptroller General of the Republic. The technical proposals were referred to the Evaluation Commission, which has 30 days to analyze them. According to the procedure, once the report on the technical proposals is ready, the financial proposals will be opened which includes the official price offering, whose envelopes are deposited in a vault of the National Bank of Panama.

The director of the Idaan Abdiel Cano said the project consists of four main lines for the transmission and distribution of drinking water in Panama City. The first one starting from the sector of Maria Henriquez to the intersection of Pedregal, named the "Gonzalillo" line.

The second line is known as the "line of the West." Cano said the first objective of this project, is to create a second input line to Panama City from the Tank in Tinajitas, and the second is to strengthen the water that will be sent to the area of the Centennial Bridge where several projects are being built, such as the Cold Chain, the Hospital City, and the United Nations city.

The third line, he said, known as "East 2," extends between Pedregal and Tocumen. Its primary purpose is to bring water to the area of ​​Tocumen and December 24, sectors that today are suffering shortages in the supply of drinking water.

The fourth and last line, which is what forms the hydraulic ring in the South, is the one running from the Coast of the East to Ciudad Radial. Its main objective is to give water to the communities being built along the Southern Corridor, and to enhance water service in the Ciudad Radial, with branches and to form the hydraulic ring with lines coming down from Pedregal that are existing lines.

"Of these four lines, some will have a construction period of one year, and others of 18 months, we expect that by the first quarter of 2014 we will have all of these lines built," said Cano. (Critica)

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