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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 04:31 PM EDT

Ignore Bogus Reports Earthquake And Tsunami Near Panama Today

EarthquakesThe director of the National Civil Protection System, Arturo Alvarado, reiterated Monday, June 11, that this entity has not issued any tsunami warning after an earthquake that was reported in Costa Rica, last Sunday, June 3. "We have a method of sending our press," Alvarado told Telemetro Report by telephone, while he said the announcement would be made through the media if needed. According to the director of Sinaproc, the agency constantly monitors what is happening globally in terms of earthquakes. There is an emails circulating which speaks of an "International Earthquake alert of 8 degrees on the Richter scale and a devastating tsunami centered in Panama and that would affect all neighboring countries like El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua," but the agency clarified that all information relating to this issue is false.

Investigation: The Department of Information of the SINAPROC will investigate and file a complaint with the Office of Technology to establish those who are responsible (for having issued this false report), so they can take action. Alvarado said the seismic network of the Geosciences Institute has been reinforced, responsible for monitoring seismic activity, so Panamanians should feel at ease. He added it is important to investigate who is responsible for disclosing this false information, because what might happens is that the public might not believe future reports from the competent authorities. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: A reader sent me this bogus email this morning, asking "is this true." It took me twenty seconds to verify that no, it was bogus. I surfed to the USGS website to check for recent seismic activity in the area. According to the bogus report, there was supposedly an earthquake measuring 8 on the Richter scale that happened to the South of Panama. And also according to the bogus report, this earthquake was going to generate a devastating tsunami all along the Pacific coasts of Central America. So, I surfed to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and checked for recent alerts. The most recent warning went out on 4 June 2012 after the recent earthquake South of Panama, the report said there would be no tsunami generated. So, I wrote back to the person who sent me the tip, telling them that the information was bogus, and that they should scan their system for a potential virus (because that's why they send these things out, to get you to click on a link in order to implant malicious code.)

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