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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 02:56 PM EDT

Ferrufino: Violence Against Women Is A Real Problem

Panama News
Guilerrmo Ferrufino - Minister of Social Development and Presidential Candidate
Guilerrmo Ferrufino - Minister of Social Development and Presidential Candidate
Social Development Minister Guillermo Ferrufino said again that the message about violence against women, which came through the controversial Public Service Announcement (PSA) produced as part of a campaign seeking to eradicate it, is a fact of life. According to the Minister of Social Development, they are exhausting all efforts, not just economic, but human, through networks of national guidance, in conjunction with the National Institute of Women and the National Council of Women, including shelters, which are being renovated, in trying to reduce the numbers of victims in addressing this social problem. Although the controversial PSA was pulled out of respect for those who spoke out against it, Ferrufino said on the Telemetro Report the object of the PSA was to get couples to respect their sacred vows taken before God, because women do not marry a man to get punched, beaten, or killed a few months after the wedding ceremony.

The message was clear: "When you marry, and you are married by the Church, you are asking God's blessing and the Father says 'For better or worse, in sickness and in health,' you are pronounced husband and wife until you are separated by death to simply be happy forever, the message is not to be unhappy," said the minister. He added for all the money they might spend on PSAs, they have to address the issue of women's self esteem in order to convince them to report abuse, and they cannot escape the reality, that such family ties are not strengthening, but on the contrary they are deteriorating.

On another issue Ferrufino said the Guardian Angel project can not be assigned to the National Secretariat for Disabilities (SENADIS), because it lacks the human resources, capacity, or platform to launch a program of such magnitude and importance, whose initial investment is $60 million dollars. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Who is coaching this guy on media relations? When it's time to put something behind you, put it behind you and shut up about it. The PSA was controversial because it showed a guy bashing his wife's skull with a blunt object, with blood running down her face - the only thing missing was chunks of brain matter and shards of shattered bone. Hey, if you want to go for realism, go all the way, right? OK, we got it, violence against women is a problem, and good for them for try to raise awareness. Hey - that's the line Ferrufino should be using - "Sure, that PSA might have been controversial, but it worked because we're still talking about the issue of violence against women..." For me it was way too graphic for prime time - and therefore a faux pas (that's French for "fuckup.")

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