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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 01:10 AM UTC

Nicaragua Making Noise About Digging Their Own Canal Again

Canal Daily OperationThe Panamanian Foreign Minister, Roberto Henriquez, ruled out the idea that the possibility of the construction of a canal project in Nicaragua is a threat to Panama, and he acknowledged that his government has not discussed the issue. "I do not consider it to be a threat to the canal (in Panama). In any case it would serve another purpose, but eventually if they do build a canal (in Nicaragua) of this type, it would not be replacing the Panama Canal," Henriquez told reporters.

The government of Nicaragua presented before their Congress a project to build a new canal a week ago, that would be an alternative to the Panama Canal that would unite the Atlantic and the Pacific through six tracks. The project would cost an estimated $30 billion dollars and there are six countries interested in financing the project, said the government of Daniel Ortega. The statements made by Henriquez are added to those of the Administrator of the Panama Canal, Alberto Aleman, who said "the project of building a canal through Nicaragua does not worry us, because competition is always good."

An estimated 5% of world trade passes through the 80 kilometers of the Panama Canal every year. More than a million ships have passed through its waters since it was inaugurated on August 15, 1914. The government of Panama received the Panama Canal from the United States in 1999 and since then the central government fund has received more than $6.5 billion dollars from Panama Canal profits. Prior to that, during the entire 86 years that the Panama Canal was administered by the United States, the government of Panama had only received a grand total of $1.8 billion dollars. The Panama Canal is currently being expanded for an estimated cost of $5.25 billion dollars, so that vessels carrying as much as 12,000 containers can pass through its waters. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: Let's see, can you name the six countries that would be interested in helping Nicaragua finance the construction of a new canal? You can start with Venezuela, but Hugo Chavez will probably be dead before the first shovel full of dirt is turned. Next up would be Iran - hey, maybe they can use their nukes to help dig the ditch? Then of course you can add the other two left wing nuts of Latin America - Ecuador and Bolivia. Any guesses on the other two? China's got the money. Hey, didn't France just go Socialist again? You know what happens when those dudes try to dig a canal... The bottom line is that this issue comes around every couple of years. They keep talking about it in Nicaragua, and they've been talking about it for decades. This isn't a new concept.

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Nicaragua Making Noise About Digging Their Own Canal Again | 3 comments | Create New Account
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Nicaragua Making Noise About Digging Their Own Canal Again
Authored by: D.T. on Monday, June 11 2012 @ 08:49 PM UTC

Hugo Chavez is behind it. So forget about it.

Nicaragua Making Noise About Digging Their Own Canal Again
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, June 12 2012 @ 02:11 AM UTC

They have been talkin bout it since before the French engineer went to Washington and song and danced the the big shots into takin over their canal project that practically broke the bank of France. And not that long ago, Col Bo Gritz, ex commander of Special Forces in Vietnam and latin america, as a premonition to Wikileaks, broke the news that the alternative canal was back on the table, and they, (elitists, bankers, corporatacracy) were planning on using nuclear bombs to deepen and widen the river which leads from the atlantic to Lake Nicaragua, and building the locks to connect with the the moment btw, Ortega seems to be cooperating with theze same big shots or their heirs in their ongoing endless war against drugs even as most of the other so called moderate latin countries are talking about legalizing them........And I dont see Correa as a wingnut at the contrary, I see him as an educated and pragmatic leader making correct decisions, like throwing the gringos out of Manta..........very wise decision in my book, considering the circumstances.............check out the Assange interview with Correa on RT or Al Jazeerah.........was excellent...................