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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 02:51 AM EDT

Cross-Allegations Over Corruption In Payment of "Red Devil" Compensation Checks

CorruptionA group of bus drivers - Roberto Caceres, Luis Diaz and Javier Barba - came out today, Tuesday, 12 June 2012, to report alleged irregularities with the compensation payments for the "Red Devil" buses. They said on the morning news "we are responsible for our list ... we came to show our faces," thus justifying the payment of compensation. They said even Frank Weber got paid. Meanwhile, Caceres said the Veranilo - Corridor route is not a fabrication and it does exist. And also said the bus - which according to reports was supposedly compensated without having provided service - was actually in service, and that he was driving it. Moreover, Cáceres challenged Gabriel Penaloza to go to the courts and prove with evidence what he has been denouncing. According to Caceres, Penaloza is defaming his group because they objected when he took over ownership of a share of a deceased bus driver. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Different groups of bus drivers have been making cross accusations over potential corruption in the payments of the $25,000 compensation checks the government of Panama has been handing out to the former bus owners. Several investigations have been opened. Meanwhile, the primary objective of the government - to get these guys out of the way so they can deploy the new Metro Bus system - has been achieved. Of course when the government is handing out checks for $25,000 like it's Halloween there's going to be some theft and corruption, and now they can investigate that stuff forevermore. Eventually people will go to prison, but the new buses are out there rolling, and the old dangerous crooks are gone. Big upgrade.

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