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Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 03:23 AM EDT

De Janon Will File A Complaint Against the Panameņistas For Filing A "False Complaint"

Politics Eduarda Maria Cordova, the lawyer representing Gabriel De Janon, announced this morning, Wednesday, June 13, they would accuse the Panameņistas of having filed a "false accusation" against her client. According to Cordova, the recording which incriminates De Janon of trying to bribe a local Representative from the Panameņista party in order to jump ship to the Cambio Democratico party "is illegitimate." "The person who asked for donations from De Janon is the man who filed the complaint (the Representative of the township of Pajonal, Aurelio Tito Tito.) Therefore, we are going to put the videos on to listen to them," said Cordoba. "The actors will have to answer, because Gabriel De Janon has the right, and they are going to address the processes, but we are also going to file a complaint," said the lawyer for the leader of the Molirena party while speaking on the channel 2 TVN morning news.

Cordova said despite the filing of this complaint, faced with a criminal act the authorities have to investigate according to the formalities of the law, referring to the decision of the Electoral Office to not call De Janon in to make a statement. She said the process against De Janon can not move politically, because she says the Panameņistas have presented many elements in this case that are only there to raise their "political rating."

On Friday, 20 April, the Panameņista Political Party filed a complaint before the Public Ministry and the Electoral Prosecutor against Gabriel De Janon, for allegedly offering money to a Representative from their group, Aurelio Tito Alonso, in order to get him to change political parties.

The Second Electoral Prosecutor, Diego Velasquez, admitted on Monday that he can not call Gabriel De Janon to testify until he receives further evidence concerning the complaint against the leader of Molirena, for supposedly having offered $130,000 to the politician from the Panameņista party to change to the Cambio Democratico (CD).

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