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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 07:14 AM EDT

Sanctions Against University Students Will Remain Despite Hunger Strike

Protests & DemonstrationsThe rector of the University of Panama, Gustavo Garcia de Paredes said the disciplinary sanctions that have been taken against six students will remain in place, who were involved in acts of vandalism during a demonstration on 25 May. Garcia de Paredes said they are still in the process of investigating the case of aggression against the cameraman Victor Acosta in which about seven university students participated. He said next week the Academic Council should to receive the final report and apply disciplinary sanctions. The Rector said no violence can be tolerated within the university. Meanwhile, students Martin Castillo and Carlos Bichet remain on hunger strike in protest against the sanctions being applied against them, and they ask for a reconsideration of their cases. Members of different student movements are conducting a protest at the Rectory building to ask for justice for their sanctioned peers. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: First of all, these guys don't know how to act, because none of them have ever faced "sanctions" or any kind of disciplinary actions before. They have not yet figured out the fundamental rules of the game have changed. The Rector is in a showdown with the administration of Ricardo Martinelli, and he's facing an audit. Martinelli is obviously tired of the bullshit from these "students" so - in an act of good faith - Gustavo Garcia de Paredes promptly threw them under the bus and hit the accelerator. But that might have been too little, too late to save him. I also noticed a couple of things in the photo. See the cot this "hunger striker" is laying on? That's a US military issue standard cot, thousands of which were handed out by the US military in Panama during Just Cause and other actions. So, I think it's ironic that this extremely left wing radical young goof ball is sleeping on a US military cot. You're welcome. Secondly, I would put remote cameras on these "hunger strikers" to catch them when they're sneaking a Big Mac at 2:00 am...

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