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Saturday, August 23 2014 @ 03:49 PM EDT

Increasing Efforts To Fight Against Child Labor

Panama 4 KidzThe sad episode of seeing a child selling flowers at a restaurant, selling stamps on the side of the street, or simply sitting on the side of the sidewalk begging for money is a reality seen every day in Chiriqui. In this area of ​​the country child labor figures indicate there are more than 5,126 children who, instead of attending school, wander in search of a livelihood. Maritza Anderson, the Director of the Casa Esperanza, said they seek to sensitize the community through the testimonies of those affected. "From their perspective, who hold these conversations to hear in their own voices what affects it brings to them, because it is not easy to deal with this social problem, and it is usually someone not related to the child who is using them for profit," she said.

Increasing - Anderson said child labor statistics are reviewed weekly and although they maintain a similar performance to last year, the numbers continue to increase. She explained for the the children to be rescued by the NGO she manages, a teacher approaches the child search of basic information, subsequently used to contact their parents or guardians, and then provide guidance so they can attend a care center where they provide health, education, food and all the basics for their development.

The largest number of child workers can be found in the commercial area of David, who mostly sell things, from CDs, flowers, "stickers", calendars, food, or simply begging. Other regions are the highlands and agricultural areas Renacimiento, Boquete y Volcán.

Samy Quintero, the coordinator for the Eradication of Child Labor of the Ministry of Labor, said in the first six months of 2012 they say more than 70 children in work areas, but this increases during the holidays and when the children are not in school. He said sanctions are being applied to companies or people when they are seen using child labor for work not suitable for children, and in parallel there are other programs that intend to take the children out of the work environment so they can study. (Mi Diario)

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