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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 12:15 AM EDT

Flash - Star Princess Bridge Crew Member Fired After Panamanian Fishermen Incident

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Captain Edward Perrin - Star Princess
Captain Edward Perrin - Star Princess
By DON WINNER for - The following was posted by someone who knows Captain Edward Perrin and apparently worked under him on a cruise ship, as a comment to this story: Panama Castaways Were Spotted By Cruise Ship Passengers - And Ignored By Ship's Captain. In reality, as you will see the contents of the posting really have more to do with this article: Captain Edward Perrin - In Command Of Cruise Ship That Failed To Rescue Panamanian Castaways. I'm going to post the comments as they were written (no edits or changes) and then I'll provide my response and comments below;

  • "This is such a horrible portrayal of Captain Perrin. He is such a wonderful man and a great captain at that. I have personally sailed under Captain Perrin on the Star Princess in the same waters that this incident occurred. Captain Perrin is a kind soul who would never purposely neglect a boat in need of rescue. I truly believe that the severity of the situation never reached him. The order of operations when something is reported to the bridge is that the lower in command receive the message first. There are the cadets, the 3rd officer, 2nd Officer, and the Staff Captain. The Captain trust's these men to make the right decision all the time. They work as a constant team together, if there was a miss judgment more than likely it was because of a bad call from them. I don't think that the captain was even notified until after the boat was out of range and a decision was already made from the officers or the Staff Captain. If Captain Perrin would have know exactly what was happening, he would have stopped and sent someone to rescue those poor people. That I am positive of. I do know however that an officer from the bridge was fired at the end of the cruise or shortly after. So those of you who are worried about justice, it was served. A man made a inaccurate decision and lost his job because of it.

  • There are always two sides to a story and this article does not covey that at all. Mr. Don Winner posted this story only giving the one side that he "investigated". Forgive me sir, but isn't a good journalist's job to investigate both sides of the story. And present them both in order for it to be a well rounded report? All this report does is make Captain Perrin look like a cares more about the punctuality of the ships arrival into port, than saving those fisherman. Which could not be further from the truth. Mr. Winner has thrown Captain Perrin to the sharks. All the people who have made nasty comments at the end of the article, seriously need to be reminded that their words are more hurtful than they realize. People are saying that "he has no conscience" and is a "moron". Let me remind you that he is a human being, and a good one at that. Who are you to make a judgment about him? Or anyone else for that matter? I seriously doubt that the people leaving these comments have never made a bad decision in their life. Perhaps next time before you make a comment about a story that you are not fully educated on, you will stop and think about the silent voice that can not defend it's self.

  • This part is to you Mr. Winner, before you go off calling someone a liar. I encourage you to truly "investigate" all sides of a story, not just the one you want people to read. It is because of quick lashing tongues that so many lies are spread, feelings are hurt, and anger is generated. Speak as if the person you are talking about can hear you, then ask yourself would you say what your about to?

  • To Captain Perrin, I know who you are, and what a wonderful person you are. I hope that these tabloids haven't broken you. You are a great captain and I would proudly sail under you again."

Editor's Comment: I have a couple of observations in response. First of all, I find it very interesting that, according to this person, "... an officer from the bridge was fired at the end of the cruise or shortly after." Really? I'd like to know that guy's name. If he was fired after this incident because he handled it improperly, then that's practically an admission of guilt on the part of the cruise ship company. Or at least the cruise ship company fired that guy because they think he screwed up and was responsible for this incident. I'm sure the lawyers representing the Panamanian fishermen who are suing would also be interested to know who was fired - and now that they will know it happened I'm sure they will ask as part of their discovery. As far as the part where the writer says "So those of you who are worried about justice, it was served." Bullshit. You think that some dude losing his job is "justice" for two lives lost? A bus driver runs over and kills two nuns in a crosswalk so the bus company fired him, and that's "justice"? Not even close. It's a start. And it will serve to help illuminate, highlight, and bring the events of that day on the bridge into focus, but it's far from what anyone would consider to be "justice." So, who was fired?

Captain Perrin's A Great Guy, Blah Blah Blah... As the Captain of the ship he's also the one who is responsible for everything bad that might happen on the ship, especially in a case like this involving a life or death decision made on the bridge. I retired from the United States Air Force after a 20 year career at the rank of Master Sergeant. At NO TIME during my entire career would I have ever considered shucking off the blame or responsibility for anything that might have happened to either my crew or the men working under my direct command and control. That's what the Chain of Command is for - it ends at the top. You can delegate authority but not responsibility. I'm sure Captain Perrin is a real sweetheart of a guy. Maybe he should have been more of a prick. If his crew was afraid of him - or at least if they respected him enough to want to make sure they were taking care of him or covering his back - then maybe they might have told him what was going on that day. And maybe he might have been given the opportunity to save those two lives. Having "nice guys" in the chain of command doesn't work. Never has, never will. This is the kind of shit that happens.

Investigate Fully: I could not agree more. Until the lawsuits were filed, the only one doing any investigating was - well - no one. I reported the story, it grew some legs, and the cruise ship company said they were investigating themselves. Well, that never works. I have been hoping that someone would open an official investigation and find out what really happened. Now that the lawsuits have been filed, I'm sure the lawyers will seek and gain access to additional information - details it would have been impossible for me to uncover by myself. I am all in favor of a complete, in depth investigation. A real one, with evidence, proof, witness statements taken under oath, log books, etc. Let's find out what really happened. I know two guys died who didn't have to. Now, I would like to know why. Hurt feelings? I could give a fuck less. Two guys died. Wake up, and get your priorities straight.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Flash - Star Princess Bridge Crew Member Fired After Panamanian Fishermen Incident | 2 comments | Create New Account
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Flash - Star Princess Bridge Crew Member Fired After Panamanian Fishermen Incident
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, June 15 2012 @ 11:30 AM EDT

This was written by Capt. Perrin or his mother, and you are also correct, by firing an officer in training it doesn't make up for the blunder commited by the crew that cost 2 lives. This smells like backdoor PR from the Cruise line....very smelly

Flash - Star Princess Bridge Crew Member Fired After Panamanian Fishermen Incident
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, June 17 2012 @ 01:48 PM EDT

Mr. Don,just wondering why you choose to use profanity to express your feelings on some subject matters?Are you aware that some of your followers are young and influential?Maybe you just don't give a flying @%&!.May your true colors shine on.